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Referral Doubling Strategy - Learn the one strategy that has doubled referrals for home health agencies and physical therapy practices.


Specializing in Home Health Marketing & Physical Therapy Marketing

Brazzell Marketing Agency specializes in healthcare marketing, especially home health care marketing and physical therapy marketing, but delivers positive return on investment for any type of business.  If you are a provider of in-home health care services or a physical therapy practice, you should start by following the "Home Health Marketing" or "Physical Therapy Marketing" links above. For more health care marketing ideas, please explore our Popular Services page.

About Brazzell Marketing Agency specializing in home health care marketing and physical therapy marketing


Effective Marketing Strategies

How to market a home health agency or physical therapy practice: Marketing does not begin and end with image.  Have you had the experience of hiring a marketing agency and receiving only a new logo and a few attractive printed pieces?  Effective home health marketing strategies consider target audience, message, medium, distribution, frequency, cost per impression, and RETURN ON INVESTMENT.  BMA focuses on the business of marketing and uses art and strategy to achieve the best possible return on investment for you.

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A Message to Small Companies and Do-It-Yourself Managers

Your time is money and so is the time of your employees.  Avoid having employees work on your marketing while on-the-clock and then pretending that no cost was associated with the effort.  Consider what it is that you do for your own company to make the most money.  Do homegrown marketing efforts distract you from the most important work you do for your company?  Call Brazzell Marketing Agency to improve the caliber of your communications efforts and to let you focus on your primary work.


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Home Health Marketing Ideas
Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas

Looking for more home health care marketing ideas or more physical therapy marketing ideas? We have seen it all. Explore our Popular Services section to see how home health agencies and physical therapy practices have used different marketing strategies to good effect. Subscribe to our email newsletter to receive home health marketing ideas, physical therapy marketing ideas, and strategic guidance. Please feel free to contact us for details on any of our home health marketing packages. If you need help deciding where and how to invest your time and budget or if you need to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy from the ground up, you may contract Brazzell Marketing Agency to consult and participate in that decision-making process.

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