February 21, 2019: Physical therapy practices and home health agencies can serve interactive ads to doctors and their staff in a way that reaches 100 to 200 referral sources per day for about $4.82 per day. Clients are paying roughly 2.5 cents per advertising impression, all inclusive. That includes consulting, design, funding, and monitoring the ads. On average, per person, medical referral sources for each PT practice or home health agency are seeing our clients' interactive ads weekly or more often. That is strong repetition for this highly valuable target audience.  To see the package that is reaching one to two hundred local referral sources per day, click here.

Since 2013, Facebook has offered the capability to advertise directly to the right types of doctors and their staff for pennies per ad view. Fortunately for our clients, very few practices or agencies have figured it out on their own. Referral source marketing on social media remains the advertising edge for the most savvy referral-based healthcare providers. The ads appear on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and other partner apps. Most exposure occurs in Facebook's mobile app in news feed displays, because that's the app and feature doctors and their staff use the most.  

Clients are paying $289 every 60 days for Brazzell Marketing Agency to design and manage these advertising campaigns. Reaching out to doctors is something every home health agency and physical therapy practice should be doing on a consistent basis, so Brazzell Marketing Agency's "Facebook Referral Source Marketing" program is packaged as an ongoing subscription service that can be canceled at any time. The $289 includes an involved consultation – usually 30 to 60 minutes, research, writing, graphic design, and placement of the ads. It also includes periodic reporting on the the ad's reach and frequency. To see the details or to order Facebook Referral Source Marketing for your business, see the order form. 

One of the many advantages of Facebook advertising is the opportunity to support an advertiser's branding and positioning. In contrast to search advertising where advertisers tend to be limited to one quick teaser and a website address, Facebook advertising delivers a full graphic and message – making Facebook advertising more akin to an interactive television ad. Below are a few examples of the format for ads in Facebook Referral Source Marketing:


Hospice marketing online

Home health referral source advertising

Physical therapy advertising to referral sources


To have Brazzell Marketing Agency design and place ads like this for your business, order here.

Why do we say this is the single most cost-efficient advertising to doctors ever? This description is based on cost-per-impression (CPI).  Cost per impression means the total cost of a marketing effort divided by the number of times your target audience sees the marketing. Traditionally, targeting such a specific and high-value audience as healthcare professionals who could refer to physical therapy or home health has required a high cost per impression.  The only way to target specific specialties of doctors used to be to send salespeople (i.e. community liaisons) to their offices, send them direct mail, or advertise in their journals.  Doing this well usually requires a cost per impression of $2.00 per impression and up (and that is using traditional CPI estimate methods that don't even take into account the number of ads that are sent but never viewed).  Using Facebook, Brazzell Marketing Agency can now take your $4.82 cents per day and deliver advertising that is seen more than 100 times per day (individual results will vary).  We are currently achieving a cost per impression with referral sources of two to three cents.  What's more, the impressions reported on Facebook are actual impressions – not theoretical impressions based on the number of journals mailed to doctors. Therefore, two pennies per verified advertising impression is a dramatically lower advertising cost than the minimum of $2.00 per impression traditionally required.

Is it too much for doctors to see your ads one to three times per week? Absolutely not.  Do not think of Facebook advertising like newsletters or sales calls. Advertising on Facebook is experienced by the end user in a fashion more comparable to television or newspaper advertising.  Because viewers can see it and simply move on (without having to delete or throw away), high repetition is much more agreeable.  To increase the extent to which high repetition will be agreeable to your doctors, Brazzell Marketing Agency designs three or more versions of the same ad, and then changes the subjects of the ads every 60 days or as needed.

How does Facebook deliver ads to people with specific job types? When people create their personal profiles on Facebook, they are asked their job, employer, alma mater, and field of study. Facebook then uses that information to decide who sees what ads. 

Will Facebook Referral Source Marketing replace other forms of physical therapy or home health marketing? Broadly speaking, no. Established home health agencies and physical therapy practices need to have lines of consistent marketing communication (i.e. monthly marketing contact) with their active referral sources. Half of your active referral sources will either not use Facebook regularly enough for your ads to be delivered or will not have input their professions in their personal profiles so that your ads can be targeted properly. Because your list of active medical referral sources is so important, direct mail is a vital part of the marketing strategy for established home health agencies and physical therapy practices. Facebook Referral Source Marketing will enhance brand recognition and top-of-mind awareness among a more general audience of doctors and medical referral sources, which can be very helpful in acquiring new referral sources, encouraging current customers, and making your other marketing efforts more effective.

Is Facebook Referral Source Marketing appropriate for new home health agencies? For skilled care, we are happy to say the answer to this is yes. At least once per week, Brazzell Marketing Agency advises a very new home health agency not to use the Referral Doubling Strategy. The Referral Doubling Strategy is most appropriate for agencies that are already receiving six or more referrals per month from a variety of medical referral sources, or for new agencies with a robust marketing plan. Facebook Referral Source Marketing on the other hand focuses on the largest audience of referral sources possible and high repetition of very specific sales messages. This can be instrumental for new agencies with a need to build name recognition and reputation among doctors and discharge planners in a specific community. Facebook Referral Source Marketing accomplishes a very high number of marketing impressions at a very low cost – which is of particular importance to most new home health agencies.

In conclusion, whether your agency or practice is new or established, staying in front of doctors with high repetition and an effective sales message is almost universally a good plan. Additional benefits will go to the early adopters of this marketing method.  Get started today.  [Learn More]   [Order Form]