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Employee Newsletters

The morale and cohesiveness of your team of employees affects your company's success just as much as the favor of your customers. You have to think of your employees as another target market, much like a group of customers, if you want to keep your team on track.
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The employee newsletter has many advantages:

  • Give employees a sense of ownership in the company.
  • Show appreciation for employees by recognizing birthdays, recognizing anniversaries of hire dates, congratulating individuals on events, etc.
  • Use your articles to teach and remind employees about your company's strengths. This both sells them on their own company and equips them to be better spokespeople in the community.
  • Keep employees informed about procedures and new developments. Don't let gossip, rumor, and unsanctioned communications channels be the way your employees learn about their own employer.
  • Document continuing education and instruction.

Employees with better morale have been shown to take fewer sick days, have fewer work injuries, and have reduced employee turnover.

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