Facebook Target Marketing

for Home Health, Physical Therapy, Home Care and more

Reach Doctors, Top Homecare Customers,
or Other Target Audiences
for 1¢ to 2¢ per ad-view!
Forget everything you know about social media. This is not that. This is about advertising in the largest newspaper in your town: Facebook. That's right; with roughly 7 out of 10 adults using Facebook to read news about their friends and the world, Facebook is the largest newspaper in your hometown. It also has the lowest ad costs, the ability to capture fans for free communication in the future, precise audience tracking, analytical tools, and the ability to click through for immediate contact with your practice or agency. So why aren't you advertising in it?
Target the audience that's right
for your home health agency or
physical therapy practice.
Our Facebook Target Marketing package features ads with highly targeted audiences. Of course, we target all ads by geography, but did you know that ads can be further targeted by your audience's occupation, age, income, net worth, education, and even by their interests? Top audiences for our clients are:

Medical Referral Sources:
We can build your campaign to only deliver to discharge planners, the types of doctors who make home health or physical therapy referrals, and their staff.

Key Home Care Decision-Makers:
For private-pay, private duty providers, the most lucrative advertising audience is often women, age 45+, with an income over $100K per year (or with a net worth of one million plus).

Your Best Audience:
With this package, we perform an in-depth consultation. Part of that consultation is determining what the best targeting for your ads will be.
Our Low-Cost Package
  • Initial consultation: a detailed consultation exploring your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Design of multiple ads. We design multiple ads at once and run them under the same budget so we can see what messages are most effective for your business.
  • Reporting and analysis. We report to you regularly about the performance of your ad campaign. We also analyze your results so we can make increasingly effective ads going forward. We report the analysis to you, so you can use the findings in other marketing decisions. For instance, for the Avatar ad on the right, we found that blue backgrounds consistently earned 40% more clicks than red backgrounds. For another client, we found that ad response rates increased 71% when we replaced the word "care" with the word "support."
  • There is no minimum time requirement. Cancel at any time. We renew the agreement every two months so we can create fresh ads and continue your analysis. However, every time we create a fresh set of ads, we bring the best performers from previous ad sets forward into your current campaign. Over time, we have an ad set of all-stars always running for your practice.

    Total Cost: $289 every 60 days

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Sample home health and hospice ad to referral sources. (Size reduced here for display)
Home Health Facebook Advertising

Sample home care ad to high-income, adult women.
Home Care Facebook Advertising Sample

Sample physical therapy ad targeted to area doctors.
Sample Facebook Advertising for Physical Therapy

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