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Facebook Post Samples - Veterinarian

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Facebook Marketing Sample - Hot Car Safety  

For one client, this post received 2,000 shares between May 25 and August 30.

How hot is too hot to leave a pet in the car? Many sources say when the outside temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s too hot. This is a good guideline. Want more details? We have them.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can start in dogs when their internal temperature reaches 104 degrees. Keep in mind that normal temperature in dogs is around 101 degrees. The temperature inside cars can get hot fast. We’ve been studying a scientific review written by forensic scientists concerning temperature variations in parked cars. When the outside temperature was measured at 75 degrees, the temperature in the cabin of a car has been measured at 118 degrees. That’s too hot. At 81 degrees, the cabin of the car reaches 138 degrees.

Cracking the windows has an effect, but not enough of one when the temperature is in the 70s. A one-inch crack in all windows lowers the maximum cabin temperature by 5 degrees. A two-inch crack in all windows lowers the cabin temperature by 10 degrees.

The outside temperature is not what really determines the temperature in the cabin of a closed car. It’s the radiant solar energy. One of the tricky things about cars heating up is that when radiant solar energy is on the rise, around the middle of the day, a car will heat up immediately. It takes two hours for outside air temperatures to respond to solar radiative changes. In other words, the temperature in a car will spike dramatically two hours before people can start feeling changes in the air temperature outside the car.

Data source: Dadour I, Almanjahie I, Fowkes N, et al. Temperature variations in a parked vehicle. Forensic Science International. Nov 10, 2010. PII: S0379-0738(10)00466-4

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Veterinarian Facebook Marketing Sample Autism   A recent study by French researchers finds that children with autism exhibit more positive behaviors after a pet is brought to live in the household. The study, which was published in early August, followed 260 autistic children from birth to age five. The results of the study show that after introducing a pet into the home, there is greater development of social skills. These children with autism scored higher in two key categories after the arrival of pets in their home. These were “offering to share” and “offering comfort.” The researchers believe this could be because when a pet is introduced into the home, it “strengthens the cohesion of the family” and increases “quantity and quality of time spent together.” The animal also brings new and exciting mental stimulation for the child into the home versus a household with no pet or one that already had a pet when the child was born.

Grandgeorge M, Tordjman S, Lazartigues A, et al. Does pet arrival trigger prosocial behaviors in individuals with autism? PLoS ONE. 2012 Aug 1; 7 (8).

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Facebook Markerting Sample Veterinarian - Dognapping   The American Kennel Club (AKC) recently announced that dognapping numbers are up a staggering 32%. The AKC has been tracking dognapping cases since 2007 and has found that the most common breeds snatched are Yorkshire terriers, Pomeranians, Maltese, and Boston terriers.

Source: ASPCA: http://blog.aspca.org/content/dognapping-rise-protect-your-pet

For more great tips on protecting your pet from theft visit http://www.akccar.org/news/pressrelease081211.cfm

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Veterinarian Facebook Marketing Sample

Home Health Brochure Layout A 3-year-old Labrador named Buck, recently traveled 500 miles back home to find his owner. The owner, Mark Wessells, was told back in January that he could no longer have pets at his Myrtle Beach, South Carolina home. Wessels took Buck to live with his father in Winchester, Virginia while other arrangements were made. When the owner’s father called to say that his pup had disappeared, he was devastated.

Meanwhile, Buck was homeward bound. Months later Buck turned up in a Myrtle Beach neighborhood where Brett Gallagher found him and took him in. Gallagher took the dog to a local animal hospital in late August for shots where it was discovered that Buck had a microchip. Wessells, who lived just a few miles away, was contacted and a joyful reunion followed.

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