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Branded, HIPAA Compliant Email Low Cost

Branded, HIPAA-Compliant Emails

An Unlimited Number of HIPAA-Compliant Email Accounts
Starting at $99 Per Year

Represent your company with more authority, prevent the loss of leads and important information, and protect patient privacy with branded email accounts.

What is Branded Email?

Branded email is company email that uses a custom domain name. For instance, With our branded email system, you own the domain name and every email account. You can set up an unlimited number of email accounts at no extra charge.

Why Branded Email is Essential


Branded email instantly conveys a higher level of organizational proficiency, giving you an advantage with clients, patients, and referral sources.

Organizational Effectiveness

Free email accounts such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail belong to individual users. When an employee is out sick or when there is employee turnover, referrals and other important information can be lost. Conversely, our branded email accounts are owned by the company. Managers can check, forward, close, or change the name of any email account, at any time.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Most free email accounts are not HIPAA-compliant. For instance, these free email accounts do not meet the standards of HIPAA: Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and most email provided by an internet service provider. If an inspector notices one of these emails on your brochure, business card, or website, it’s a red flag that you are not practicing HIPAA compliance and invites probing. HIPAA-compliance ensures data security – not just for protected health information but also for your business information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does HIPAA-Compliant, Branded Email Cost?

Our cost is a fraction of other providers’. We charge one low, annual fee for the email service, plus a separate fee for the domain name (if registered through us). The cost you pay now is the regular price, and the cost you pay in the future will be a similar price with no built-in surprises. See the order form for current pricing.

How Many Email Accounts Do I Get?

You get an unlimited number of email accounts. For instance, you can set up one email account or 1,000. The price will be the same. Create all the email accounts you need to support your operations optimally. Give an email account to every employee. Create an email account for every department or office function (e.g. hr, bookkeeping, service, in-service, etc.).

Is It Easy to Create New Email Accounts?

It could not be simpler. You will log in to your control panel, click email accounts, type the name you want, click create, enter the password you want, and click save. Your email account will be ready for immediate use, except that it may take up to 30 minutes for the email to begin receiving.

Are the Email Accounts Fully Featured?

Yes. Email accounts come with business features such as signature creation, forwarding, out-of-office replies, adjustable spam filtering, autoreplies, and even features that let you program how emails are handled.

Will This System Send Important Emails to Spam?

Our branded email system is built for business. You can set your email filtering to low, medium, or high. We recommend using low filters, to keep important emails out of your spam box. You can even whitelist certain senders or companies, so their emails never go to spam folders. For an even more custom approach, you can set up filters to grab emails with certain characteristics and do something special with them, whether that be throwing them straight in the trash, forwarding them to someone else, putting them in a high-priority folder, etc.

What Are the Storage Limits?

Each individual account comes with 10 gigabytes of storage. That’s enough to store 140,000 standard emails. If you send and receive 150 emails per day, that’s 2.5 years before you have to delete an email to make room for more. You have the option of paying extra to increase the storage beyond 10 GB.

Does This Come with Webmail?

Yes, your branded email system comes with RoudCube installed on the server to manage email as webmail. This means you can log in to your email from any computer and easily use your branded, HIPAA-compliant emails.

Can I Use Any Software to Check this Email on My Phone or Computer?

Yes. We encourage it. We do not provide software for your phone or computer. You can check this email using the software that comes with your Apple device, free or paid apps you download from the Google Play store, and/or software you install on your Windows computer, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla’s free Thunderbird email program. Free email apps that come with a specific mail service, such as Gmail or Yahoo, often have limitations when it comes to checking mail servers other than their own. For best results, use an email client designed for use with any mail service.

Can I Switch Away from This Email Service Later?

Of course. Whether you register the domain with us or with another company, you have full rights to the domain name. That means you can transfer the domain name to any email service of your choosing at any time.

Our branded, HIPAA-compliant email service is low cost, the best price, easy to start, and essential for healthcare providers of any size. Go ahead and order now.

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