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The Brazzell Report
Know the Census of Your Competition

The Brazzell Report has been retired. We are now offering Early Market Intelligence reports. The Early Market Intelligence reports cost much less and deliver market share and census information one year sooner! [Click here for more info]

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The Brazzell Report - Medicare Data for Market Analysis

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Market Share: Market share is a business analysis metric used to reflect how one company's business is performing in the context of all the other businesses in the area. Because market share simultaneously reflects both one company's total business and the size of the total market, market share has more relevance than simple gross revenue totals. The Brazzell Report for home health care agencies reflects market share. One of the many calculations in the report is percent of total census calculated as (Agency1 total census) / (Total combined census for all agencies in the area).


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The Brazzell Report brings together data from multiple government reports (especially home health cost reports) to give you the most current and cost-effective market analysis tool possible. You specify the counties for which you would like market analysis data, and we produce a report including:

  • A list ranking the top 25 traditional leaders in your market according to total census, Medicare charges, and Medicare census.

  • A table showing each agency's exact total census, Medicare census, and Medicare to other insurance ratio. This ratio identifies agencies whose marketing plans are more successful at garnering a larger proportion of higher paying Medicare cases.

  • Tables detailing each agency's number of visits per episode, number of episodes per patient, utilization of each discipline, and other marketing and management metrics.

  • A chart comparing your selected area to national norms in terms of elderly population, population density, number of home health agencies, average census, etc.

Download a sample of the new Early Market Intelligence report.

Cost: $86 for the first county
plus $74 for each subsequent county

Order Early Market Intelligence for your agency now. Download the Order Form, print it, and fax or mail back.

Why should home health executives know the census of their competition?

  • In our experience, many home health administrators asked to name their fastest rising, serious competition, name the wrong agencies. The fastest growing agencies are the ones making a difference to their referral sources. First learn who they are so you can then know whom to watch and whom to beat.
  • It is impossible to truly gauge the effectiveness of your marketing plan unless you know what is happening to your market as a whole. How much your market as a whole is shrinking or growing affects how you should judge the growth of your own agency.
  • When you know how many referrals your competitors are getting (in other words, how many referrals you are not getting), you can better predict the possible gains from different marketing strategies.
  • If you are starting a Medicare certified home health agency, knowing the size of your market and the relative size of different competitors will better inform the business plan and marketing plan. How can you estimate how many patients your new agency will get without knowing how many patients similar agencies get?
  • Need more? Get six real-world examples of how home health care agencies have used market intelligence to improve their marketing plans. [Click Here]

Advantages of the Brazzell Report:

  • Cost Report Information: Because we provide numbers from home health care cost reports, we can show census numbers that include both Medicare (Title XVIII) and non-Medicare census. Data derived from Medicare billing records does not show non-Medicare patients. Given that non-Medicare patients make up 42% of the total national home health care census, marketing planners need both non-Medicare and Medicare census. Get both with The Brazzell Report.
  • Low Cost: At only $86 for the first county plus $74 for each additional county requested, The Brazzell Report makes sense in the context of home health care budgets. (You can also order data for an entire state). Equip your agency with the information needed to make informed marketing decisions.

We have retired The Brazzell Report in favor of the new Early Market Intelligence reports.

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