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Home health door hanger example

Home health door hanger example back

Home Health Marketing Strategy

Referral Doubling Strategy

With years of consistent success, one marketing strategy has doubled referrals for home health and physical therapy. Learn how. FREE.

Door Hangers in Home Health Care

Consider two different ways to use door hangers in home health care:

  1. Home Health Care Marketing
  2. Impressive Customer Service

BMA can design impressive door hangers with persuasive information about your services. You can hang these on door knobs in neighborhoods or apartments you want to target. Marketing reps or temporary employees can distribute these. You can also equip home health aides with door hangers. Trustworthy aides will hang the door hangers in desirable neighboorhoods or apartments between home health visits.

Customer Service:
It shouldn't happen often, but when it does, your caregivers will be equipped to handle it with style. Your caregiver shows up for a scheduled appointment only to find that your patient is not home. The "We Missed You" door hanger helps handle the situation with unusual and impressive style. Use the door hanger to tell your patients who to call when they get home. You can use the back for custom promotional information about your agency. Alternatively, for a more compliance oriented approach, use the back to remind your patient about homebound status and ask them to call you if they may no longer be homebound.

Get Started: When ready, complete and fax back the design order form to get started. Once you approve the design, we take your verbal or email order for the printing and shipping.

Custom Door Hanger Design Fee: Only $189
Full color printing on glossy card stock can cost only 10 cents per door hanger when ordering 1,000 at a time. Minimum printing order of 250. Call for printing and shipping quotes or see more at the High Quality Printing portion of our website.