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Early Market Intelligence

How to know the census of your home health competition
How to know your market share as a home health agency

  • Data as recent as six months old.
  • Data delivered as both a PDF and spreadsheet
  • Know whether your market is growing or shrinking, whether you are getting your share or holding your own.
  • See who your real competition is: who is succeeding, and who is just distracting.
  • Practice more informed goal setting by knowing how many home health patients are in your market and how other home health agencies are doing.
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Market reports starting at $69

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Early Market Intelligence - Medicare Data for Market Analysis - Sample Report

Home Health Market Research - How Intelligence Helps

Why should home health executives know the census of their competition?

  • In our experience, many home health administrators asked to name their fastest rising, serious competition, name the wrong agencies. The fastest growing agencies are the ones making a difference to their referral sources. First learn who they are so you can then know whom to watch and whom to beat.
  • It is impossible to truly gauge the effectiveness of your marketing plan unless you know what is happening to your market as a whole. How much your market as a whole is shrinking or growing affects how you should judge the growth of your own agency.
  • When you know how many referrals your competitors are getting (in other words, how many referrals you are not getting), you can better predict the possible gains from different marketing strategies.
  • If you are starting a Medicare certified home health agency, knowing the size of your market and the relative size of different competitors will better inform the business plan and marketing plan. How can you estimate how many patients your new agency will get without knowing how many patients similar agencies get?
  • Need more? Get six real-world examples of how home health care agencies have used market intelligence to improve their marketing plans. [Click Here]

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The most current market intelligence available in the home health industry

In years past, home health agencies had to wait 18 months or more before current data was available for market intelligence. Brazzell's Early Market Intelligence cuts that wait time by one year. With the most current data available in the home health industry, you can respond more nimbly to changing market conditions.


Comparing past to present

Brazzell's Early Market Intelligence provides data from more than one time period (updating quarterly). So, in addition to knowing the size of your market and competitors, you also know the direction in which they are heading.



It's easy to pay thousands of dollars for market research. Brazzell's Early Market Intelligence provides data for multiple counties at a very low price.


Home Health Websites Editing

Reports are delivered in both PDF and spreadsheet format. That's not either or. You get both. For quick review, the report provides market share calculations, census change summaries, market size summaries, market growth calculations, median agency size calculations, and other data. Download a sample report (with fictitious agencies) to see what types of data the current report includes.

Brazzell’s Early Market Intelligence uses very new data streams from CMS to estimate the census of Medicare-certified home health agencies. While this particular report is new, Brazzell Marketing Agency has offered early market intelligence in the past. In our experience, Medicare has a tendency to alter data streams such as this after only two or three years - without warning. We watched, studied, and measured these new data streams for more than a year before packaging the Early Market Intelligence reports for new clients. Don't wait to start collecting this market intelligence. There is no telling how much longer these CMS data streams will include the information needed for early census estimation.

The CMS data used to create Early Market Intelligence is updated quarterly. BMA will provide both new and old data in the report so clients can assess patterns and trends.

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