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Email Help

  • Creating an email account: From the control panel home, click "Email Accounts." Simply follow the on-screen prompts. The on-screen prompts will lead you to type the email address you want before the "@". Use the password generator to pick a top strength password. Pick how much of your memory you want this one email box to be able to use. We recommend 75MB per email address. That's all it takes! The Email Accounts tool has several other useful functions. When in this tool, check the help button at the top right of the screen. Launch Video Tutorial Launch Video Tutorial: Creating an email account.
  • Using Web Mail: To login to your webmail, use the link above or type this address into your web browser: http://brazzellmarketing.com/webmail/. You also have the option of typing in your own domain name followed by webmail to log in to a webmail account (i.e. http://YourDomainName.com/webmail/). Each time you log into you web mail, you have a choice of three different user interfaces. Each has its own advantages. The choice is a matter of personal preference. Click a logo below to see a set of video tutorials for each.

SquirrelMail Email

Horde Email    Round Cube Email

  • Creating an Autoresponder: Launch Video Tutorial Launch Video Tutorial
  • Using Spam Assassin: Launch Video Tutorial Launch Video Tutorial
  • Creating an Email Forwarder: Launch Video Tutorial Launch Video Tutorial
  • Client Applications: In addition to using webmail, you can check your email using software on your own computer or mobile device. Your software will want to know certain settings such as Incoming Mail Server, Outgoing Mail Server, and supported protocols. To see these settings for a specific email address, first log into that email address. Click on "Configure Mail Client."
    Screen shot - Configure Mail Client
    This opens a screen displaying the settings you need as well as some options for auto-configuring some email clients.

As a supplement to the help files in the software on your computer or device, you can use the following video tutorials, we have vidoe tutorials for the top 10 email programs for computers and the top email probrams for mobile clients: Launch Video Tutorial Launch Video Tutorial

Client Application Limits: As a form of spam / hacker control, your client applications may only check a single email address 30 times per hour. If a program on your computer attempts to check one email address more than 30 times in one hour, the email address will become inaccessible for 60 minutes.

  • Emails per Hour Throttling: To protect your account from spam generating infections, each email address is limited to 500 emails per hour. If one email address sends 500 emails in less than one hour, the email address will be shut down for an hour. If you are using an email account to send email newsletters or email blasts, use techniques that throttle back the send speed.


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