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Editing Your Website

The easiest, most non-technical way to edit the text in your custom-made website is to use the HTML Editor tool in your control panel. Once you have your file open in this tool, changing the text of your website is as easy as typing a letter in a word processor.

Step 1: Open your control panel
Step 2: Select the File Manager from the files menu.
screen shot

Step 3: In the pop up menu, select Web Root (public_html.www), and press go. This tells File Manager to open to your files that are visible on the internet.
screen shot
Step 4: From the list of files in the folder "public_html", select any file that ends with .html or .htm. These are HTML files, the types of files that make up the main pages of your website. When an HTML file is selected, notice that the HTML Editor tool at the top turns from gray (can't use it) to color (indicating this is an option with your current selection).

.PHP Pages: Some of the files on your website may end with .php instead of .html or .htm. Example: index.php instead of index.html. In this case, you will need to rename the file before you can edit it. Right click the file and choose rename from the drop down menu. Change the file extension from .php to .htm. Now you can proceed with Step 5. Important Considerations: When done editing, you must change the file extension back to .php for the page to be fully functional. While the file is renamed .html, users will usually be able to view all the HTML elements of the page such as text and pictures. But elements that are done in the programming language PHP will stop working while the file extension is not .php. For instance, if you have a recaptcha on the page to stop spam submissions on your contact form, the recaptcha may stop working while the file name is changed, and users will not be able to submit the form on that page.

Step 5: With an HTML file selected, click on HTML Editor from the top menu. Click "edit" in the next pop-up menu to proceed.
Start Editing: HTML Editor launches in a new tab of your browser. Click in any text section and start typing, deleting, and formatting. Save your work.
screen shot HTML Editor


Note: Not all letters are "text." Some letters you see on your website are actually pictures of text. You will be able to edit the actual "text" in the website. Changing the content of pictures will require photo editing software or the work of a professional designer. Photo editing and other help with updating your website is available from BMA as paid support.

If you would like to create a backup before attempting serious changes to your website, simply download a copy of the file to your computer in Step 4. If you don't like the changes you made to your website, you can go back to the File Manager, upload the backup copy of the file, and overwrite the changes you made.

The HTML editor in your control panel is not unlike the editors we use to design your entire website (minus photo editing software). With knowledge, you could literally use this to do anything we can do. However, changing the text of an existing website requires the same sort of knowledge you probably already have from sending and receiving emails. Have fun.



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