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Soholaunch Pro

A very easy to use site builder. Pick from nearly 500 templates. Answer questions about your business. Upload your logo. Snap! Your website is launched. Add pages and content as much as you like. Change templates easier than changing your shoes! [More info]


Trendy Site Builder

Your hosting package comes with the option to install Trendy Site Builder Lite. This would normally cost $79 per year, but is inclusive with your hosting package. Trendy builds crazy visual Flash based websites. With the Lite version, you are limited to a five page website. You can upgrade directly with the software developer to a Premium version if you find you need more pages.

Launch a Trendy demonstration


Gallery - Online Photo Album Software

Use gallery to build and display interactive photo albums. Your creativity can make gallery not just a way to display professional photography or family photos, but a gorgeous interactive way to display products, medical photos with descriptions of procedures, exercise photos with write-ups on how and why, a tourism website, etc. If photos are a part of your story, Gallery can tell it better. [More Info]


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Site Builders & Add-On Functions

Brazzell's premium hosting account gives you easy access to site builder software as well as a number of add-on applications that can add a wide range of functions to your website. Even though many of these applications would cost you $240 per year or greater if you were to buy them individually, they are inclusive at no extra charge with your premium hosting account. Would any of these functions be of value to your website?

Site Builder • Blog • Mailing Lists • Discussion Boards / Forums • Photo Galleries • Polls & Surveys • Web Calendar • FAQ Management • Form Generator • Shopping Cart / E-Commerce • Classifieds • Support Ticket Management • Live Chat Support • Private Social Networking • Wiki

Ownership: As always, when you host with Brazzell Marketing Agency, you have the maximum possible ownership of your code. If you ever need to move your website and functions to a different host, this is possible with the applications we present. (Note: some applications that are "free" through us will cost you a membership fee if you host elsewhere.)

How to Install: In the control panel of your hosting account, look at the Software / Services section near the bottom. Choose Fantastico De Lux or Quick Install. Choose an application to install on your website from the list on the left. Follow the on-screen instructions. The application will automatically install.Launch Video Tutorial Launch Video Tutorial

How to Remove: Open the service you used to install the software (Fantastico or Quick Install). Select the software you want to remove from the list on the left. In the message on the center, choose "remove" or "uninstall." We told you it was easy.

Site Builders: The general term for site builders is "content management systems" or CMS. CMS are interfaces that allow users to build fully functional websites without knowing hypertext markup language. Some CMS are so powerful and multi-functional that professional designers specialize in using them exclusively. However, as with anything in life, the more options you have, the greater the learning curve. "Site Builders" are a type of CMS that usually walk you through the process of getting a website online with a bare minimum of learning curve, but also with limited options later on. If you're looking for a website that displays your logo, talks about your services, and encourages people to call, site builders are the way to go. For site builders, we recommend that you first look at Soholaunch Pro in Fantastico. For a 'flashier' website, look at Trendy Site Builder in Quick Install.

Content Management Systems & Add-On Functions: The choice between site builders and content management systems is not always an either or. You can build the main pages of your website using a professional designer or site builder and then add features to folders or subdomains in your hosting account. From the customer's perspective, it's all one website, but with different sections. For instance, you can add a blog section to the website using WordPress, add a photo gallery to your existing website using Gallery, or add a poll / survey to your website using LimeSurvey.

If you know in advance that you need your website to have certain functionality, sometimes it's better to build the entire site with a more robust content management system. We have built entire sites using WordPress because we wanted certain functions such as: client can create new posts simply by emailing the website without even logging in, built in site-wide search feature that updates immediately, automatic email subscription management, automatic emails to subscribers weekly but only if there are new posts in specified categories, etc.

Industry Specialized Solutions: Site builders specialized for particular types of businesses and organizations.

Moodle - Website builder for schools and educators- Website builder for schools and educators
Thinking of upgrading your CNA training courses? Check out Moodle. It's course management system is designed to help educators create quality online courses. Available in 34 languages. The teacher has full control over all settings for a course. There is a flexible array of course activities (Forums, Journals, Quizzes, Resources, Choices, Surveys, Assignments, Chats, Workshops), user logging and tracking, mail integration and much more.
[More on Moodle]

Open-Realty, website builder for real estate agents - Real estate and property management
Real Estate listing system featuring attachments, flexible search, template system, Yahoo Maps interface, lead capture, search engine optimization, blogging, and much more. [Launch demo website]

ChurchInfo- Site builder for churches- Database for churches and volunteer groups
This is an online database software that helps churches (or any volunteer / donation oriented group) keep track of donations, pledges, and human resources. Track the contact information of all your members, volunteers, and guests. Organize people into groups for receiving emails and letters specific to their groups (e.g. committees, choir, classes, etc.). Keep track of pledges to send reminders and thank you letters. Volunteer tracking by the interests of the volunteer (e.g. day care, lawn mowing, clerical). Mapping allows you to locate all members on a map, see the reach of your organization, and locate members closest to other members and guests. Three different levels of logging in, so volunteer leaders won't have access to financial information. Just to name a few of the features. This database management system installs easily into your hosting account, so you and other leaders can access it from anywhere.

Support: Brazzell Marketing Agency will provide support related to the installation of any of these products. When it comes to getting the most out of these products after they are installed, consider this. Because all of these features have hundreds, thousands, and even millions of users, you will often find robust peer to peer support networks through online forums. At your discretion, BMA can provide paid support for design, customization, and integration for many of these products. For paid support on non-installation technical issues, we will sometimes refer you to product manufacturers where paid support is also available.


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