Website Resources Pages Are Often Strategic Errors

March 22, 2017 in Email Newsletter Subjects, Home Health Websites, Physical Therapy Websites by Brazzell

Agencies and practices spend hundreds to thousands of dollars driving traffic to their websites, and then they have a page on the website dedicated to making customers go somewhere else. They call this page the resources page. They do this in an effort to make the company website of greater use to visitors. Experts have even written articles on how every website should do this, but your website should not do this. If your website has links that direct visitors to other websites, let's fix this. We want visitors to explore your website, not explore the internet. You can use one or all of the following solutions: Brazzell's Health Information Library We can put more than a thousand authoritatively sourced,
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Marketing Success – If You Don’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It: Gross versus Net Profit

March 15, 2017 in Email Newsletter Subjects, Home Health Marketing, Physical Therapy Marketing by Brazzell

One of the numbers healthcare business owners absolutely must know is the gross profit on an average admission. Without this number, managers are flying blind when it comes to budgeting marketing strategies. Interestingly, the typical gross profit per admission for home health, home care, and outpatient physical therapy is roughly $700. This means if you spend $1,800 on a marketing campaign, you need it to add three patients to have a positive return on investment. 3 x $700 = $2,100. $2,100 ÷ $1,800 = 1.17. That’s a 17% return on investment. Established healthcare providers should look for a 50% return on marketing investment to call a marketing method an unqualified success. New agencies and practices typically experience a lower return on investment
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You Should Know about Six New Features on Facebook Business Pages

March 8, 2017 in Email Newsletter Subjects, Home Health Marketing, Physical Therapy Marketing by Brazzell

March 2017: Facebook Business Pages have many new features. Some of these features will be of particular interest to home care, home health, and physical therapy. With 60% of the American population using Facebook to help make buying decisions and to stay in touch with brands, every business should have a Facebook page. Here are a few new tricks for getting the most out of those pages. New Category Facebook has added a category for "Home Health Care Service." In the past, home care and home health agencies were forced to categorize their businesses as medical practices or nursing and physical therapy. Facebook has finally added a home care category. To update to a correct category on your page, click
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Marketing to Doctors: Mail vs. Email

March 1, 2017 in Brazzell Marketing Agency by Brazzell

Home health agencies, hospice agencies, and physical therapy practices have so much to gain from physician referrals that regularly scheduled marketing communication with them should be a core component of all marketing plans. We periodically receive the question of whether mail or email is better for this marketing. For established agencies and practices, postal mail wins. Here's why email doesn't work in this specific situation. We cannot provide you with a comprehensive list of email addresses for doctors in your community. Most agencies similarly cannot provide us with such email lists. Even our hospital-based home health clients are barred from using the company email list for email newsletters. Even our clients who can provide a number of emails for doctors
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Put 1,000+ Patient-Education Articles on Your Website for $149

February 26, 2017 in Email Newsletter Subjects, Home Health Websites, Physical Therapy Websites by Brazzell

February 26, 2017: If you've ever wondered how you can make your website more of a link-worthy resource for your patients and your community, here's one great solution. Brazzell's Health Information Library puts more than a thousand authoritatively sourced health-topic articles on your website for a one-time installation fee of only $149. Eventhough our fee is only one-time, the articles are constantly updated and new topics are constantly added. When there is breaking health news, you'll have an article about it. [Order Now]   [See Demo]   [Learn More] How is this possible? Brazzell's Health Information Library searches databases of government articles and displays them on your website in a searchable app. The articles are free to the public and intended to
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