How to Get Doctors to Read Your Promotional Material

September 8, 2017 in Email Newsletter Subjects, Home Health Marketing, Home Health Newsletters, Physical Therapy Marketing, Physical Therapy Newsletters by Brazzell

Do doctors even read promotional pieces sent to them by mail? The success measures coming out of Brazzell's Referral Doubling Strategy answer, "Without a doubt, yes, doctors read promotional pieces sent by direct mail." Of course, this doesn't mean you can send any old self-serving piece of promotion and expect to get a response. Here are some tricks of the trade for getting doctors to read your promotional pieces sent by mail and by other media. Differentiate Your Envelope from Junk Mail When you send your mail to doctors in an envelope, the envelope itself instantly communicates that this may not be junk mail. Letters mailed without an envelope (called self-mailers) are always promotional pieces, magazines, or envelopes. Don't put
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It’s Time to Get Flash Off Your Website. How to Check.

September 8, 2017 in Email Newsletter Subjects, Home Health Websites, Physical Therapy Websites by Brazzell

September 8, 2017: Flash may be on your website, harming your SEO, security, and user experience without you even knowing it. Flash is a proprietary code from Adobe that was designed to deliver media-rich content over the internet. We have argued that it never should have been used on basic websites, and now, the major browsers have come to agree. Chrome, the most popular internet browser, is now disabling Flash by default. Safari plans to disable Flash this fall. Firefox plans to turn off Flash by default in 2019. On your website, Flash may have been used to create image sliders or any number of interactive widgets. Some designers created websites entirely in Flash. The problem with Flash is that
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Reputation Effect: The Secret to Making All Your Ads Work Better

August 25, 2017 in Email Newsletter Subjects, Home Health Marketing, Physical Therapy Marketing by Brazzell

Here we share a secret to having more successful advertising campaigns and to getting more out of them. In our current culture of on-demand gratification, small businesses hurriedly study their numbers from click reports and “how did you hear about us” surveys. Managers unconsciously cling to notions of advertising effectiveness that follow the model of “see ad; call; start service.” For community-based and outpatient healthcare providers, there are a few advertising options that work this way (example: Brazzell’s Search Results Now). However, executives who measure advertising with an overemphasis on immediacy often prove dissatisfied with most of their advertising efforts. They jump from one marketing campaign to the next – all the while optimistically searching for that magic bullet campaign
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Tips for Using Medicare Compare in Your Marketing

August 25, 2017 in Email Newsletter Subjects, Home Health Marketing by Brazzell

With Medicare launching Hospice Compare earlier this month, hospice agencies across the country will be adjusting their marketing strategies. Now, Medicare publishes objective data on the quality of care at each hospice and compares this to national norms. Medicare has published comparison data for home health for more than a decade. Now would be a good time to review tips for using Medicare Compare data in your marketing materials. Home health and hospice providers should be hungry for ways to differentiate themselves from their numerous competitors. Agencies should check Medicare Compare data quarterly to see if they can find a positive story to tell about their data.  The first thing to remember about Medicare Compare data is that the vast
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Don’t Violate Email Marketing Laws

August 15, 2017 in Email Newsletter Subjects, Home Health Marketing, Physical Therapy Marketing by Brazzell

August 15, 2017 Each separate violation of the CAN-SPAM Act carries penalties up to $40,654. A practice that has emailed 10 people ten times each in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act would be subject to more than four million dollars in fines. Having another company do emails for you does not limit your liability under the CAN-SPAM Act, and the company helping with the emails is equally liable. Additionally, violations of standard practices in email lists can get your domain name and your IP address blacklisted from email servers and even from search results. Fortunately, there are only eight rules, and they are easy. So let's review them. With Brazzell Marketing Agency making fully-automated email newsletters available for as little as
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