Referral Source Marketing Brochures

Have you ever noticed how quickly a doctor or discharge planner will scan your brochure and then dismiss it? It’s not that you have a bad brochure. It’s that most general-purpose brochures are written with the informational needs of the general public in mind. Medical referral sources have different informational needs. Sometimes satisfying those informational needs with a brochure or some other promotional piece can give one provider the leg up in referral source marketing.

Topics that are of more interest to referral sources:

  • Physician Reimbursement: Even physical therapy and home care now can share billing codes that help doctors get reimbursed for the care they coordinate. Agencies providing both home health and hospice have at least nine physician reimbursement codes that are relevant to their services. 
  • How you can help them serve their patients better.
  • In home health, how having a nurse on call reduces patient anxiety, nervous calls to the doctor's office, and unnecessary ER visits.
  • Comparative rehospitalization rates.
  • Other patient outcome statistics.
  • Patient eligibility criteria.
  • Speed of response to referral broken down by discipline.
  • Turnaround time on paperwork requiring physician authorization.
  • E-signature options.
  • Availability of night or weekend referrals and starts of care.
  • Credentials of key staff members such as your administrator and your wound-care certified nurse.
  • Insurance networks.
  • Willingness to accept cases that competitors are discouraging.
  • Other unique selling points.
  • Reminders if Medicare or Medicaid pay up to 100% for your services.
  • Scientific research backing up any benefit claims associated with your services.

You can see how doctors would find a promotional piece focusing on topics such as these much more engaging than one laundry listing what different professionals typically do. If you need a promotional piece crafted for a medical professional audience, Brazzell Marketing Agency can help. After one short consultation, we can do 100% of the writing and design and then submit a proof to you. With our online design order form, you can order brochure, rack card, and or folder design. [Order Design Work] If you would like to discuss the possible formats for a referral source promotional piece first, call toll-free 866-272-3799 or use our contact us form.

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