If your website is hosted with GoDaddy, please perform this quick check to see if your website has been hacked. With this hack, your website can appear normal to you but direct traffic from Google to illicit online pharmacy websites. Here's how to check. Go to Google and type this in the address bar: "site:yourdomain.com." Where we have "yourdomain.com," type your website. For instance, if your website is BrazzellMarketing.com, type "site:brazzellmarketing.com." By typing "site:" in front of your domain name, you are asking Google to show you every page it has associated with your website. If your site has been hacked, you will probably see online pharmacy results quickly. Follow a couple of the links to see if they go to the right page, just to be sure. 

Brazzell Marketing Agency manages more than 200 domains. We are only seeing this particular pharma injection hack with sites that are GoDaddy connected. It has been presented to us four times in the past twelve months. Krebs on Security is also reporting on this hack and holes in GoDaddy security. 

If you have this hack and give us necessary access to your accounts, we can fix it relatively easily. If you have a WordPress site, repairs may be somewhat more difficult. A basic WordPress installation has more than 2,000 files, which makes hunting and deleting the three or four files causing this problem much more difficult. If you have a directly-coded website (which is what we recommend for most websites), all work, including this, is easier. If we designed your website orignially, we can simply delete all files in your hosting account and re-upload the clean files. That's less than 30 minutes of work. Order here and provide your GoDaddy login information in the comments if it has changed since we last worked on your website: https://brazzellmarketing.com/Order-Forms/Hourly-Work-Agreement.html

The problem with fixing the hack simply by deleting files is that it does not fix the original vulnerability. GoDaddy has denied any systemic hacking through their hosting portal, which we take to mean they are not working on a fix. If your website has been hacked, we recommend moving your website hosting. Brazzell Marketing Agency hosting is available for $84 per year. It comes with free HTTPS, unlimited free company email addresses, software that lets you edit the text of your website yourself, and much more. You can move to other hosting companies as well to improve security. Our hosting price is often less than that of other website hosting companies after thier introductory pricing ends. 

We have not seen this vulnerability with HostGator, InMotion Hosting, FastComet, Brazzell Premium Hosting or any other hosting company. This hack does not seem to be related to GoDaddy domains or email – just the GoDaddy hosting. We have detected no security risk related to leaving domains or email with GoDaddy.