In a help wanted advertising campaign on the Facebook advertising platform, we recently experimented with call-to-action buttons. We found that “Learn More” call to action buttons generated 30% to 222% more clicks per audience member compared to “Apply Now” buttons. This adds to a long trend of experiments showing that pushy techniques in Facebook such as loud colors, overuse of special characters, and non-standard capitalization tend to dampen results. In this case, even something as innocuous as instructions to “Apply Now” deterred people who may have otherwise been interested in reading the full help wanted ad.

“Apply Now” Versus “Learn More”

Brazzell Marketing Agency used the Facebook Advertising Platform to distribute help wanted ads for a home health agency. The home health agency used Brazzell’s My Recruiter to post the full help wanted ad and a short application on their website. We then developed ads on Facebook to drive nurses to the full ad and application. After 42,000 ad views, 224 interested people clicked through to the website. Half of the ads had an “Apply Now” button at the bottom and half had “Learn More.” The two groups of ads were otherwise identical. In weighted averages, the “Learn More” ads garnered 29% more clicks per ad view. This success rate is somewhat underreported because Facebook algorithms will show top-performing ads more liberally than the underperforming ads, which tends to lower the click-through rate on top-performing ads.

The photograph at the top of this page was the top performing ad in both the “Apply Now” group and the “Learn More” group. But the “Learn More” version of this ad achieved a unique click-through rate 222% better than the “Apply Now” version.   

More Personal Photos Perform Better

This help wanted campaign continued a trend we’ve previously identified in Facebook advertising. Photos that look like personal photography performed better than photos that look like stock photography. The-lowest performing ads featured a stock photo of nurses and doctors in an all-white office with amazing windows. It looked the most like stock photography. The second-best performing ad was a stock photo of a group of nurses in a more realistic clinical setting, and the lighting seemed less staged and professional. In the top-performing ad, shown here, Brazzell photo-edited the stock photography to put the home health agency’s logo in the name badges. This extra touch made the stock photography look more real and caused this photo to perform 21% and 92% better than the #2 ad design.

Recruiting Clinicians

Is your help wanted advertising strictly passive? Are you only placing ads that job seekers must go find? The next level of recruiting is placing ads that reach out to your next great clinician, instead of passively waiting for them to find you. Facebook Recruitment Ads go find applicants rather than waiting for applicants to find you.