For home health, home care, and physical therapy, absolutely every agency and practice should be using email newsletters. Among your local population, there is one group of people who are more likely than anyone else to use your services in the near future. It's your past patients and their close family members. They have health issues. They know you. They like you, and if orders are required, you already know they have a doctor who is likely to sign orders for you. However, they are unlikely to use your health care services as much as they could or should without friendly reminders and education from you. What's more, your competition would like to win those happy clients away from your practice. Marketing campaigns occasionally targeting past patients have higher potential for return on investment than most efforts. Email newsletters are a low-cost way to maintain loyalty, educate clients about all the ways you can help them, and build top of mind awareness.

Brazzell Marketing Agency's All Points Bulletin is one of many services that provide free or inexpensive email newsletter management and sending. However, busy home health agencies and physical therapy practices often have trouble maintaining email newsletter efforts due to the amount of time required. Now, BMA's All Points Bulletin provides updated content, list management, and email distribution of your email newsletters for prices starting at $16.99* per month, so even finding time to write articles is no longer a barrier to using email newsletters.

The only remaining challenge for having a great email newsletter campaign is building a list of email addresses.  First, keep in mind that email marketing in the U.S. is supposed to be permission-based. Only send email marketing to people who have given specific permission for that. Simply adding a sign-up form to your home health website or physical therapy blog will not build a good list for your practice. Under the best circumstances, less than one out of 100 visitors to your blog or website will complete the email newsletter subscription form.

  • A good strategy for growing your email list is to add a written subscription option to your new patient paperwork. Then train your data entry personnel to enter the subscribed email addresses into your system as they process the paperwork.
  • Similarly, you can add an email opt-in box to the contact form of your website. You will still need to train staff to add people to your email list when they see a positive opt-in response. 
  • Physical therapy has the added advantage of foot traffic through the lobby. A simple email newsletter sign-up form prominently displayed in the lobby can do wonders.
  • Home health agencies that participate in health fairs can also collect subscriptions to the email newsletter by making an email subscription form part  of the presentation.  Making a game out of email newsletter subscriptions can make the process more fun and effective.  Subscribing to email newsletters can be a way to register to win one of your prizes worth $10 or less. Winners are notified by email to ensure that people are providing real email addresses.

With Brazzell's All Points Bulletin, manually adding email addresses couldn't be eaiser. Type the email address in the subscribe field and hit enter. 

It is recommended that you start making and sending email newsletters right after you start building your email list or even at the same time. It makes a better impression if people receive an email newsletter shortly after subscribing rather than months later. Everyone on your team will be more motivated to promote your email newsletter if they have experienced it themselves and know that the service is underway.  Another problem that can stem from long wait times between subscription and receiving the actual newsletter happens when people forget they have subscribed to your newsletter. Industry research suggests people start forgetting after only 60 days.  If these subscribers block you or report you as spam, this information can be logged against your domain and email address, hurting your online reputation, and compromising the deliverability of your future emails.  To help you get the most out of your new email newsletter articles while your list is growing, you should use the same content as blog posts (which helps with SEO) and as posts in your social media marketing (which helps with viral reach). This is, once again, an area where the All Points Bulletin pulls it all together by providing newsletter content, automatically creating email newsletters, automatically updating your blog, and automatically updating your company Facebook page. If your home health agency or physical therapy practice is not using email newsletters on a consistent basis, check out how the All Points Bulletin makes it easy to get started and keep it going – [click here for All Points Bulletin info]

*Price valid at of 2/8/18