America’s fascination with being number one can backfire when it comes to search advertising. Everyone knows that the higher you appear in Google, the more likely you are to get clicked. This leads some marketing managers to incorrectly assume that higher is better.

In search advertising campaigns such as Brazzell’s Search Results Now, businesses are paying Google and other search sites directly for clicks. Google charges more for clicks from the number one position than it does for clicks from lower positions. All search advertising campaigns have a set budget. Paying less for clicks gets more traffic. Paying more for clicks achieves less traffic. In short, advertisers can get more hot-prospect visits to their website by hanging out in the number three position and getting lower cost clicks than by forcing their ads into the number one position and paying more for each visitor.

Marketing agencies managing search advertising campaigns can set algorithms to determine how your ads will display. For the question at hand, we are deciding whether your ad placement should be optimized for position or optimized for clicks. If you are optimized for clicks, the algorithm will start with low bids for clicks, resulting in low placement on the search results page. If you are not getting clicked, the algorithm will start bidding more and more, raising your ranking on the page. The better your ad, the more clicks it can get from the lower-cost positions. If you need to bid top dollar and put your ad in the number one position to get a click, it’s a sign that your ad needs improvement.  

Of course, none of this applies to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In SEO, higher search engine ranking is always better. SEO does not pay Google or anyone else for clicks. With SEO, businesses are paying for labor or performing that labor themselves. SEO is the practice of managing website and internet content for the purpose of influencing Google to increase a particular website’s ranking in organic search results.

Unfortunately, organic search results (in other words, the free search results influenced by SEO), aren’t what they used to be. If Google can tell that a person is searching for a local business, organic search results appear under the paid results and under the map results. This means the number one SEO result will often be the number six result on the page. The marketing landscape has evolved to where it pays to advertise in search rather than trying to influence search. Let Brazzell Marketing Agency help ensure you are getting maximum return for your search marketing investment. Call 866-272-3799 or send us a message now.