Amazing but true, we are finding that the order of services in your services lists matters. Our Search Results Now program sends people who are searching for specific services to the websites of our clients. Then we track the percentages of prospects who contact the agency or practice after seeing the search ad. This gives us important of data we use to discern what website elements improve the rates at which customers contact providers. Small things can matter, and one of those things is the way you organize your services lists. 

This applies mostly to non-medical home care, but may have implications elsewhere. The best way to order your list of services is from lowest need to highest. In other words, start with the services that your most able-bodied clients might want. End with the services that only your clients with the highest need would use. For instance, you might start by listing "cleaning" and end by listing "feeding."

Why? Because even the most motivated website visitors demonstrate remarkably short attention spans. As they scan, they look for statements relevant to their needs or concerns. The more they see things not relevant to them, the more likely they are to move on to the next website. Cleaning, for example, will be relevant to almost everyone who needs home care. Feeding, on the other hand, will be relevant to only a subset of your potential clients. By listing first the services everyone would want, you ensure that your visitors will see services relevant to their individual concerns before they give up on your home care website, brochure,or other promotional material.