When showing your email address or website address in print, capitalize the first letter of each word between the www part and the .com bit. This makes the addresses easier to read and reduces the chance of error when someone types them in. URLs are not case sensitive.

For instance, when we type TherapistDirectory.com, our intent is clear. However, a mother trying to look up bad people in her neighborhood could read something entirely different if we make the mistake of printing the URL in all lowercase like this “therapistdirectory.com.”

One caveat, while capitalization of everything in the URL does not change the functionality (i.e.www.BrazzellMarketing.com), the capitalization of specific folder and file names does matter (i.e.http://brazzellmarketing.com/Facebook-Marketing-Help/Facebook-Marketing-Assistance.html). You can type everything before the .com and including the .com any way you want, and it still works. However, everything after the .com has be capitalized exactly how the file name is set up on your server.