Rack Cards

When we propose a rack card for specific marketing objectives, the most common response is “What’s that?” Rack cards are an alternative to brochures, offering a lot of advantages. They are 4” wide by 9” tall promotional pieces printed on card stock. Rack cards are just front and back – no unfolding. Their name comes from the fact that they are cards made to fit in brochure racks.

The chief advantage of rack cards is that they cut costs in half. Because there is less space to fill, rack card design costs roughly half that of brochure design. Where printing 1,000 brochures with Brazzell Marketing Agency currently costs only $181, one thousand rack cards cost even less at $90. The low price makes them a great choice for care path flyers, physician-specific agency summaries, special program announcements, and the general promotional piece for businesses on a very tight budget.

But don’t let their low cost fool you. In some regards, the rack card has advantages over high-quality brochures. Competing for attention in a brochure rack, rack cards stand half an inch taller and a third of an inch wider than standard brochures. Despite their more significant profile, they still fit in standard envelopes when mailing information to prospective clients. The thicker, card stock paper on which they are printed gives them a more significant feel, as well. The card stock also holds up better when tossed in purses or goodie bags.

If you feel the need for more high-end promotional pieces but are shying away from the price tag of brochures, definitely think about the often-overlooked rack card.


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