Lookout Facebook! Here Comes Audio Target Marketing.

November 21st, 2020
Audio Target Marketing: Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn

For the past few years, Facebook Target Marketing and Search Results Now have been the king and queen of push and pull marketing respectively. Until recently, no advertising channel other than Facebook or direct mail offered the age and geography targeting so crucial to healthcare marketing. Add to that Facebook’s exceptionally low cost per ad view, a fraction of the cost of print and broadcast media, and Facebook became the far and away leader in push advertising for healthcare. But that was yesterday.

Today, Brazzell Marketing Agency announces AudioTarget Marketing SM, a healthcare advertising option that rivals Facebook in size of audience, percentage of seniors, cost, and precise audience targeting. What’s more, Audio Target Marketing offers a number of advantages that should influence many healthcare providers to add it to their marketing mix, even if that means putting their Facebook Target Marketing on pause.  

What is Audio Target Marketing?

Audio Target Marketing is a full-service, scalable marketing campaign by Brazzell Marketing Agency, Inc. Audio Target Marketing uses a single ad-placement platform to efficiently combine the audiences of Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Cumulus Media, Cox Media, Cloud 10, and many other internet radio and podcast outlets. This includes more than 100,000 of the country’s leading local and regional broadcast radio stations. The result is an audience reaching well over 200 million American listeners and rivaling the size of Facebook’s monthly audience. Audio Target Marketing combines digital intelligence services with the internet protocol signatures and profiles of streaming radio listeners so that our clients can target the exact groups that will produce the highest return on investment for them. Targeting includes but is not limited to:

  • Age
  • Geography based on state, county, and even zip code
  • Income (with the ability to target both high- and low-income listeners as needed)
  • Gender
  • Personal characteristics such as pet owners, business owners, etc.
  • Channels such as music genres or podcast subjects

As with most Brazzell Marketing Agency campaigns, we handle everything for the client. We start with a consultation. Then we write the script, produce the commercials, design graphics that will display while your commercials play, and place the ads – managing the technical aspects of responsive ad design and audience targeting.

Audio Target Marketing Versus Direct Ad Placement

Internet radio and podcasts offer a mosaic landscape with countless channels and programs. In the past, a small business would have to go through the time-consuming task of evaluating some of them, working with different reps or self-service platforms for each, and managing multiple budgets. Audio Target Marketing combines all these channels, so that when we place your ads, we place it once – saving our clients hundreds of dollars in labor. More importantly, when businesses place ads directly with a channel, they buy that channel’s entire audience. This typically means paying for audiences not helpful to the business based on age, income, geography, etc. With Audio Target Marketing, you advertise on local and national channels while only buying the local, targeted audience that will produce the highest return on investment for your business. Finally, compared to broadcast radio, Audio Target Marketing offers much lower cost per impression matched with precise performance reporting. Your quarterly performance reports will show exact reach and frequency, demographic distribution of your ad plays, and a cost per ad play ranging from only 2.7 cents to 4.2 cents depending on your budget.   

Audio Target Marketing Advantages Over Facebook

  • The warmth, strength, and persuasiveness of the human voice. Add in some music, and internet radio commercials have an advantage in making an emotional appeal of caring, confidence, or excitement.
  • Longer ad exposure. Audio Target Marketing uses 30-second ads, and listeners listen to the entire ad more than 90% of the time. Audio Target Marketing has some of the highest listen-through/view-through rates on the internet.
  • Memorability. Studies have found that ads in podcasts generate greater recall than other ad types, in some cases more than a 70% improvement.
  • Income targeting. Facebook Target Marketing controls the income of the audience through geographic targeting. For instance, for private-pay home care, we would identify the highest income zip codes in your service area and limit the advertising to those high-income areas. Audio Target Marketing is much more precise. Its income targeting is based on individual characteristics.

Many healthcare providers have been putting much of their community-oriented push advertising dollars into Facebook exclusively for years because no radio station, cable company, newspaper, or other website could compare. Now, Audio Target Marketing stands toe to toe with Facebook, giving providers the option to switch back and forth from time to time and engage their communities in new and interesting ways.  

Facebook Referral Source Marketing

Facebook remains the only commonly available digital option for advertising to medical referral sources. Using the information in the profiles of Facebook subscribers, Brazzell Marketing Agency can craft campaigns that only serve ads to and for discharge planners, the right types of doctors, and their staff. It remains true that there are only three broadly available ways to market to medical referral sources: (1) sales, (2) mail (The Referral Doubling Strategy), and (3) Facebook Referral Source Marketing.  

Who Should Switch to Audio Target Marketing?

For healthcare providers, Audio Target Marketing effectively matches Facebook for audience size, accountable performance reporting, cost per ad view/ad play, and precise audience targeting. The following providers should start an  Audio Target Marketing campaign:

  • Businesses that have cash flow but have been advertising almost exclusively in search results and directories. For established businesses, a push-pull marketing mix proves more effective than a pull-only marketing plan.
  • Businesses that have been advertising locally in radio, newspaper, TV, or cable. Audio Target Marketing will cost less per ad play by far while spending all your budget with the right audience. Ad plays cost 2.7 cents to 4.2 cents each (all-inclusive), depending on the budget.
  • Healthcare providers who have been advertising in websites, streaming services, social media, etc. without targeting by age, gender, and exact geography. Audio Target Marketing will provide better targeting and therefore more effective advertising. This is especially true for non-medical home care providers who should target either a high-income or low-income audience.
  • Businesses that have been advertising to the community, consistently on Facebook for one year or more. Audio Target Marketing can deliver ads with equivalent efficiency. Diversifying your marketing mix can expand your reach, improve credibility, and improve memorability simply by delivering a different type of ad over a different medium.

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