Loyalty Card Sample

How many home health patients can remember the name of a nurse or therapist, but cannot remember the name of the agency? It's common, and it can make you lose home health readmissions that should have been yours. Assigning business cards for nurses and therapists to give to their patients can help. Patients who want the same nurse or therapist in the future will keep these business cards and use them to make their choice known when the time comes. 

Along the same lines, many agencies use business card printing to create loyalty cards. Loyalty cards can be helpful in sign-up packages, at health fairs, and in other direct-to-patient marketing opportunities. Design loyalty cards with company information on the front and possibly the back.

On the back, make a statement such as "I choose Brazzell Health Care as my home health provider." Make a line where your patient can sign and date.

Brazzell Marketing Agency can print loyalty cards on laminated plastic and then use matte varnish for a pen-receptive surface. Business card printing, however, will often suffice. Business card printing is often faster and less expensive – depending on the specifications. It's nice to print loyalty cards with rounded corners and on thicker paper stock. Normal business cards print 14pt thick. Brazzell Marketing Agency can use business card printing to print cards that are 16pt, 24pt, and 38pt thick as well. If using a gloss coating on the front of your business card, remember to specify a matte paper and no coating on the side that needs to be pen-receptive. 

To order loyalty cards for your agency, start with a great design. Order "business card design" work using this form [Design Order Form]