Medicare's Value of Care Measure

In 2019, Medicare’s Home Health Compare features a new measure: “Payment & Value of Care.” This measure shows how much the agency gets paid per episode compared to the average home health agency nationwide.

There’s nothing wrong with getting paid well, of course, but for those agencies costing Medicare 10% less or greater, there are some marketing advantages to consider. For one, this can be a sales strength in your referral-source marketing. Everyone knows we need to reduce healthcare spending nationwide. If a doctor or discharge planner can reduce spending 10% just by referring to your agency, that could be influential. Include this accolade in your monthly bulletins to referral sources, in your Facebook ads that go to just doctors and their staff, and in your brochure for referral-sources.

Medicare Home Health Compare data updates quarterly. Some of your promotional material, such as brochures and websites, is not updated so often. When including Home Health Compare data in promotional material that you may use for longer than one month, be sure to put a qualifier on it stating the date of the information.

This new measure may also help some agencies trying to earn entrance into accountable care organizations (ACOs) or bundled payment programs. These organizations are rewarded on their ability to save money. Showing how you already cost Medicare less could be influential.