Out-of-the-Box Ideas in Healthcare Marketing

February 28th, 2016

Enthusiastic speakers constantly encourage business people to think out-of-the-box to have successful marketing ideas, but have you ever stopped to consider how ideas got in that box in the first place? Out-of-the-box, of course, refers to out of the ordinary. But why are certain ideas ordinary and other ideas not normally used? I'll tell you why. The ideas in the box are there because they are used over and over again. They are used over and over again because they make sense and they work. The ideas in the box are the ideas proven over time and multiple implementations to work. 

Out-of-the-box ideas have not earned their position in the box for one of two reasons. Either no one in the history of your business, with thousands and thousands of like professionals, has thought of that idea before, or when it's been tried, it usually doesn't work. Out-of-the-box is either untested or tested and failed. In-the-box is a collection of proven techniques. When you practice healthcare, you usually do everything by the book and only look to experimental procedures after every proven procedure has been tried. That's a good approach for healthcare marketing as well. Have you implemented these proven marketing techniques for your home health agency or physical therapy practice?

In-the-Box Healthcare Marketing Ideas for Home Health and Physical Therapy

The best time to go out of the box is when there is a new opportunity to do something in the box in a new way. For instance, advertising directly to doctors in the past meant buying expensive ads in journals. But now, Brazzell Marketing Agency has a practiced and a proven way to do that on Facebook for a fraction of former costs [Facebook Referral Source Marketing]. Others are still charging $400 and $500 per month for search engine optimization, but Brazzell has boiled the practice down to white-hat essentials and gets better results than the more expensive guys for half the cost [Brazzell's SEO]. When Brazzell Marketing Agency first came on the home health marketing scene in 2003 and said "We can increase your referrals by sending newsletters written for doctors to doctors," administrators literally asked, "Is this legal?" The question stemmed from a strict interpretation of rules that quietly disappeared when the Prospective Payment System was implemented a couple of years prior. But was our leadership in implementation of doctors' newsletters revolutionary? Not really. It was simply an adaptation of techniques already being used successfully by the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We took our approach directly out of someone else's box.   

Once you have fully explored profitable implementation of all these ideas that are known to make dollars and sense when done with the right variables in play, then it's time to start risking your valuable budget on fully experimental treatments.