Promoting Your Specialty Programs: Three Great Strategies

October 24th, 2020
Home health specialty program marketing

Under the umbrella of your general business description, it’s common to have one or more specialty programs. For instance, a home health agency may have a CHF monitoring program; a physical therapist may have a women’s health program, and a home care agency may have a family caregiver training program. When you want to talk about these programs and leave information behind, they never seem to get the attention they deserve in the general purpose brochure. Here are three great ideas for making your printed promotional materials more flexible and powerful.

Subdomains for Print-to-Web Promotion

For instance: Caregivers.NursingatHome.US
Websites offer limitless opportunity to present your information. However, general appeals to visit your website and then find a particular section tend to not work. Subdomains increase the odds someone will visit a specific section of your website and read more about an important subject. A subdomain is some text and a dot in front of your regular domain. For instance, if your regular domain is, the following would be a subdomain: The App subdomain redirects to the page on the website about their app that clients can download. It’s easy to print on the general brochure “Learn more at”. Subdomains are easy for customers to type, and they are not case sensitive. If your website is hosted with Brazzell Marketing Agency, you have unlimited subdomains. We will set them up for you at no extra charge as well. You can also manage subdomains yourself by logging in to your cPanel.

Brochure Inserts

Our postcard printing offers a 3.5” x 8.5” size card. These fit neatly into a standard tri-fold brochure. Compared to making a different brochure about each program, you can save around 50% by describing your special programs on glossy cards and printing them as these tall, narrow postcards. These promotional cards can be used as standalone rack cards, but they make great inserts for your standard brochures as well. If you are presenting a brochure to a cardiologist, you can customize it by slipping in your CHF program card. Are you leaving information behind for a general practitioner? Maybe he or she will appreciate an insert about the different ways to bill for working with home health. Are you handing a brochure to a family whose grandparent has dementia? That’s a perfect time to make your brochure better by slipping in your dementia care card!

Order postcard designs for $189 each.  

Printed Folders

You want your promotional material to look professional and impressive - persuading your customers and referral sources that your services must be the same. A great trick of the trade is to let a custom-printed presentation folder do all the work of making everything look very professional. You can’t just hand a discharge planner or a prospective customer a collection of plain letters printed on your letterhead. On the other hand, if you take that same stack of nicely printed papers and put them in your custom presentation folder, suddenly they look great. Having a presentation folder gives you the freedom to change your message frequently and inexpensively. You gain the flexibility to customize each presentation for the audience in that meeting. You can still hire Brazzell Marketing Agency to write targeted marketing letters for you.