The current economy and mood in the U.S. has a possibility of affecting online shopping for home care – especially private-pay home care. On one hand, people have seen their stock market values plunge 33%, and they are trying to keep their distance from one another. On the other hand, people may have increasing awareness of the value of having someone at home helping to monitor health. Which influence is winning out during COVID-19 mitigation measures?

We compared internet-search advertising statistics (such as Google) from March 1 through 20, 2020 to March 1 through 20, 2019. In the Houston market, daily searches for non-medical home care, hospice, and medical home care are up more than 10%. The Houston market is seeing roughly 4,000 searches for home care per day. This is typical of the rest of the country which is seeing roughly 175 online searches per day for home care per 100,000 people.

Aggregating data from markets in Texas, Florida, and Massachusetts, we see that the cost per ad view is the same (actually 0.5% lower now than before). The cost per phone call from these ads, however, is down 22%. This indicates that people are both researching home care, hospice, and home health and connecting with those agencies. Data aggregated from multiple Search Results Now campaigns by Brazzell Marketing Agency.