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If Marketing is a Sideline Activity for You, Outsource it to Someone Who Lives for Marketing

July 23, 2019

by Gary Brazzell When I was business administrator for Southwest Virginia Home Health, developing our physician newsletters was one of my favorite things to do. Not only was it creative and fun, after my referral source newsletters doubled referrals from doctors and discharge planners, the marketing campaign was one of my greatest professional successes at […]

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How and Why You Should Build an Email List

May 10, 2018

For home health, home care, and physical therapy, absolutely every agency and practice should be using email newsletters. Among your local population, there is one group of people who are more likely than anyone else to use your services in the near future. It's your past patients and their close family members. They have health issues. They […]

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How to Get Doctors to Read Your Promotional Material

September 8, 2017

Do doctors even read promotional pieces sent to them by mail? The success measures coming out of Brazzell's Referral Doubling Strategy answer, "Without a doubt, yes, doctors read promotional pieces sent by direct mail." Of course, this doesn't mean you can send any old self-serving piece of promotion and expect to get a response. Here […]

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Tips for Using Medicare Compare in Your Marketing

August 25, 2017

With Medicare launching Hospice Compare earlier this month, hospice agencies across the country will be adjusting their marketing strategies. Now, Medicare publishes objective data on the quality of care at each hospice and compares this to national norms. Medicare has published comparison data for home health for more than a decade. Now would be a […]

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Don’t Violate Email Marketing Laws

August 15, 2017

August 15, 2017 Each separate violation of the CAN-SPAM Act carries penalties up to $40,654. A practice that has emailed 10 people ten times each in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act would be subject to more than four million dollars in fines. Having another company do emails for you does not limit your liability under the […]

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