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Are You Getting the Most Out of This Free Business Tool: Google My Business?

August 22, 2020

Tips and tricks. The free Google My Business feature makes a serious impact on the revenue of physical therapy providers, home care agencies, home health agencies, etc. It definitely deserves attention from time to time. You may have known this asset as your Google Local page or Google+ business page. Those are now merged into […]

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Shopping for Home Care Online is Up During COVID-19

March 21, 2020

The current economy and mood in the U.S. has a possibility of affecting online shopping for home care – especially private-pay home care. On one hand, people have seen their stock market values plunge 33%, and they are trying to keep their distance from one another. On the other hand, people may have increasing awareness […]

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Why Can’t I See My Search Ads in Google?

December 20, 2019

Advertising in search engines such as Google is a great way to promote home care agencies, direct access physical therapy, and many other types of services. There are a lot of people looking for your services on Google right now. For instance, in most service areas, there are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands […]

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How To Calculate the Number of People Looking for Your Service Online

October 22, 2019

Business owners are often surprised when they figure out how many online searches are occurring for home care, home health, hospice, and physical therapy. For most practices and agencies, there are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of relevant searches monthly! Imagine all those people trying to find providers and who must be getting […]

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Physical Therapy Provider Pays $25K in HIPAA Fines for Publishing Patient Testimonials

September 7, 2019

Did you know that a physical therapy provider was once fined $25,000 for HIPAA violations related to patient testimonials? If you are a licensed healthcare professional or operating as a licensed healthcare company, you are likely bound by very specific and strict laws to not divulge any information about your patients/clients. Under the Health Insurance […]

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