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Help Wanted Ads Perform Up to 222% Better with Learn More Button Versus an Apply Now Button

April 10, 2020

In a help wanted advertising campaign on the Facebook advertising platform, we recently experimented with call-to-action buttons. We found that “Learn More” call to action buttons generated 30% to 222% more clicks per audience member compared to “Apply Now” buttons. This adds to a long trend of experiments showing that pushy techniques in Facebook such […]

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Help Wanted Ads Have Evolved. Are You Ready?

April 6, 2020

It may be temporary, but new unemployment claims are at historic highs. Now may be a great time to see if you can attract the next great clinician for your team. Regardless of whether you are advertising job openings now or later, here’s something all successful employers must be aware of. Gone are the days […]

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Shorter Online Applications Get More Submissions

March 4, 2020

This one simple trick can turn many websites into employee recruitment machines. More than a decade ago, we were working on a website for a home care provider in Drexel, NC. They tasked us with getting them more employee applications. At the time, their website featured a full, traditional employment application. In online marketing, contact forms […]

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Traditional Employee Recruitment Is Too Passive

October 12, 2018

Job fairs, job boards, help wanted ads . . . they all have one thing in common. They all position employers where one hopes job seekers will appear, and then they wait. Your next great employee may not be actively looking for a new job. When you really think about it, the best employees stick around, […]

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“Google for Jobs” Can Help You Recruit New Employees for Free

September 29, 2018

Imagine being able to post help wanted ads in the world’s biggest online job board, with each ad displaying based on its own merits, without regard to who is paying the board and who isn’t. Google is making this dream a reality and shaking the pillars of expensive job boards such as Monster® and Indeed®. […]

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