Using Facebook to Recruit Nurses

November 2nd, 2015

This ad is generating multiple resumes per week.Click to see it full size.

Facebook Employment Ad

Remember paid Facebook ads to help with your recruitment needs. Use the advanced targeting features in ad creation to make sure your advertising budget is spent on only the right professionals - and not wasted on a general public audience. Nurses, physical therapists, CNAs and other healthcare professionals can be specifically targeted in Facebook advertising by using the education section of the demographic targeting features.

For maximum effect, make it easy for them to start the process with you. Ony request a "pre-application" where you ask 15 questions at most about who they are and their experience. Do this by means of a submit form they can easily fill out online. Here's an example: [Nurses Wanted Page].  Use the pre-applications to decide whom you want to contact, and request a full resume then. Also keep in mind that many of your top prospective employees are using the smart phones to job search. It's very helpful to make this page mobile friendly.

Brazzell Marketing Agency can help with Facebook ads to doctors, ads to people who will need private duty care, and recruitment ads. More information on Brazzell Marketing Agency services here: [Facebook Target Marketing for Healthcare]