If you are using email addresses that end in gmail.com, live.com, yahoo.com, etc., employees who have left your company will likely still be receiving your company emails for a year or more. The potential consequences include missed referrals and increased opportunity for reputation damage. Preventing this is easy. Have a company email system where email addresses end with your website domain name (for example: SueSmith@ABCHomeHealth.com, service@hometownhomecare.com, and contact@UpandGoPT). When you run the company email system through your company domain name, you have complete control. When an employee leaves the company, change the password on the email address and forward all incoming mail to a working email address.

Some email companies have systems that charge around $5 per email address for company email. To avoid this expense, you can host your website with Brazzell Marketing Agency for $84 per year or $7.55 per month (prices as of 6/20/18). Our hosting account includes an unlimited number of company email addresses, making it easy for you to give each employee an email account and to manage those accounts so you never lose an email again. [Learn more about website hosting with unlimited free email accounts]

Using company email addresses instead of free email offers two more advantages. (1) It's better for image. The company email address connotes that the agency or practice is more established, professional, and organized. (2) It encourages people to check out your website. More people will learn more about your business.