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Brazzell Marketing Agency, Inc. (BMA) agrees to:

  • produce one article/post and one associated image at the frequency ordered.
  • Make a proof available to the client the week prior to posting so that the client may have time to opt in to, opt out of, edit or customize the content.
  • Unless the client requests otherwise, BMA will post content to the client’s Facebook page, create a webpage, send an email newsletter to subscribers, and make available a PDF flyer of the content.

The essence of what is being purchased is limited rights to BMA’s writing and graphic design, and all fees are based on the provision of that service. The client understands that some of the offers made under this service agreement involve coordination with third-party platforms over which BMA has no control (e.g. Facebook). Temporary interruptions in certain aspects of the service should be expected as different third-party platforms may occasionally change their setups or simply go buggy. Such interruptions will be considered a normal consequence of trying to coordinate with third-party platforms. BMA will verify correct operation of your All Points Bulletin at setup and may from time to time verify correct operation after that. However, after setup, it is the client’s responsibility to verify ongoing functionality of third-party sharing services (e.g. Facebook) and to report back to BMA if there is a problem.

Please check periodically to make sure everything is working and email us if it is not.

Limited Rights for Additional Use:

As long as the client’s subscription is active, the client may use the material received under this subscription in other media, provided that the primary audience is within 50 miles of the client. For instance, the client may use the text and images generated in customer emails, in other social media, in company newsletters, for in-office signs, etc. The client may only use material received under this subscription for the company specified with the location(s) specified. The client may edit the text provided in any way the client sees fit. The client may only use the images provided in their entirety and may not create new work using portions of the images provided by BMA. However, the client may add to the graphics provided by BMA (e.g. adding a company name or logo would be acceptable). This is because BMA has limited rights to some of the images specifying that BMA may use the images to develop content for you but that BMA may not resell the images themselves.

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Fees: BMA will charge the per post or per week according to the selection made above. Charges will occur automatically, in advance, with a frequency matching the posting schedule above. The client’s account will only be charged so long as BMA is sending proofs to the client and offering to post content. The normal subscription charge will apply regardless of whether a client opts out or fails to approve a particular post. If there is a price increase, BMA must provide 30-days' notice.

Cancellation: Client may cancel at any time by email, fax, or letter.

Electronic Signature: