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**We will not charge your credit card upon order form submission. After submitting this form, we will contact you to schedule a consultation.

Terms (Initial below):

Brazzell Marketing Agency, Inc. (BMA) agrees to:
  • Consult with the client by telephone to determine good advertising strategies for the client.
  • Create a new commercial at initiation at no additional charge.
  • As needed, create up to one new commercial every 90 days at no additional charge.
  • Get approval from the client before new ads are played for the audience.
  • Place ads on streaming audio services such as Pandora®, iHeart Radio®, TuneIn®, Stitcher®, Cloud 10®, etc.
  • Determine through consultation an ideal target audience for your ads and set up the Audio Target Marketing campaign in such a way that paid ads only play to the specified target audience. We can specify age, geography, income, languages spoken, and a host of demographic and personal characteristics.
  • Report on and analyze reach, frequency, demographic distribution, and engagement every 90 days, and adjust settings as needed.

Fees: The fee/advertising-level selected below will be charged as services begin and then every 90 days. The client agrees that BMA should make the first charge to the credit card on file at the time of initial consultation. This will cover the consultation, commercial writing & production, and 90-days’ advertising in Audio Target Marketing. BMA will continue to charge the amount specified below to the credit card on file before working on the next 90-day episode of advertising. BMA may work on the next episode of advertising up to two weeks before the current episode expires.

Cancellation: The client may cancel at any time by any means of communication.

Commercials: Under this agreement, commercials consist of 30 seconds of production, not more than 70 words, one voice actor, and (optionally) background music. Commercial development also includes development of one graphic design in multiple sizes as needed to display on the screen while the commercial plays.


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