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Order Form: Branded Home Care Marketing Packages
Printed Promotional Material, Website, Email, and Domain Name


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Non-Medical Home Care

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Medicare-certified Home Health

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What You Get:

  • Annual domain name registration with automatic privacy
  • Our premium hosting account
    • Unlimited number of company email addresses
    • Webmail
    • Editing software allowing you to edit the website yourself
    • No limit on the number of additional websites you can put in this hosting account or domains you can buy for this hosting account
    • 833 MB of online storage. That's enough for 12 websites like the one being ordered
    • HTTPS creating the reassuring lock symbol in the address bar and encrypting data collected over your website - important for keeping passwords secure, HIPAA compliance, and collecting payments online
  • A branded website for as long as you continue your Brazzell hosting account.
    • Before uploading the stock website to your hosting account, we will brand it to your business. This includes changing the logo / business name, using your contact information, and adjusting the colors of non-photo elements to match your branding.
    • Your Brazzell hosting account includes software enabling you to edit the text of your website if you choose.
    • You can also hire Brazzell Marketing Agency on an as-needed, time-fee basis to order changes for your website.
  • 1,000 branded rack cards and 1,000 branded business cards printed and shipped.
    • We will brand printed items to your business. This includes changing the logo / business name, using your contact information, and adjusting the colors of non-photo elements to match your branding.
    • Additional customization is available on a time-fee basis.
    • We will send a digital proof for your approval before going to print.


To pay $299 for the economy package, select the economy package discount below.
Recurring fees: After one year, we will start automatically charging your card $99 per year to maintain the hosting and domain. Receipts will be sent by email. You may cancel at any time.
Subtract $40 from total. Get 500 fewer business cards and 500 fewer rack cards.

To order, complete the form below.

Proof Confirmation

*Required: Initial below to confirm that you have read the text of the rack card and website. You may request simple text changes in the comments box below. Extensive changes may require additional fees. New customization requests after the proof is rendered correctly will require additional fees of $15 and up.

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No logo? No problem. We will present your company name in a professional way. Use the space below to specify your branding and color preferences if any.

Domain Name

Use our Domain Availability Checker to pick a domain name. Enter your choice below: Or, leave this blank, and we will email domain name options to you before customizing your website. This may delay your turnaround time.

Note: if you already have a domain name registered elsewhere, we will make that domain name work with this website. You do not have to transfer that domain name registration for it to work with this website. However, you still have to specify a new domain name here.

Business Card Information

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Optional Enhancement: Free Blog, Email Newsletter System, and Facebook Page

with your subscription to periodic posts.
Package name: The All Points Bulletin
Cost: starts at only $18.99 per month!

You get:
  • A branded blog attached to your website for as long as you maintain the subscription.
    • In addition to the articles we post for you, you can make your own posts.
  • Branded email newsletter system.
    • Free for life up to 2,000 emails per month.
    • Yours to keep even if you cancel.
    • We program your email newsletter system to read your blog, turn new articles into attractive email newsletters, and automatically send monthly email newsletters to your subscribers. There is no work needed from you to send email newsletters.
    • The email newsletter system automatically keeps track of subscribes and unsubscribes.
  • Facebook page set-up (if needed)
    • Yours to keep, even if you cancel.
  • Health and senior lifestyle articles, appropriate to your business type, created on the schedule you specify below.
    • We email articles to you a week ahead of time in case you want to edit them.
    • Articles post to your blog automatically.
    • Articles post to your Facebook page automatically.
    • Articles become part of your monthly email newsletter automatically.
    • You can turn your articles into branded, print-ready flyers with the push of a button.
Choose Your Subscription:
You may cancel at any time. Change your subscription level at any time.

Optional Enhancement: Get Your New Website on the First Page of Google Tomorrow!

Package Name: Search Results Now

Home care search engine marketing

Search Results Now

Advertising that puts your home care agency in front of people when they start researching home care online.
You get:
  • An initial consultation by Gary Brazzell to determine the best strategies for your campaign.
  • A trial of the single fastest healthcare advertising strategy for making the phone ring and producing return on investment.
  • Text listings that appear on the top of targeted search results in Google, Yahoo,, Ask Jeeves, and other websites where people search for services. Your pay-per-click search ads only appear as search results. Search Results Now does not waste your advertising budget in banner ads outside of search results.
  • An initial report showing all the elements in your custom advertising campaign.
  • Monthly analysis, adjustments, and advertising performance reports. Advertising performance reports include ad view counts, counts of website visitors from the ads, a list of exactly what people were typing when they clicked your ads, and more.
Price: $169 per month (all inclusive)
This makes your business appear in an estimated 5,000 searches per month. You can increase the budget at any time to be seen in even more searches. You may cancel at any time.