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To Garner Physician Referrals

With many insurance companies and with many state Medicaid programs, doctors must authorize home care. For a Medicaid home care agency, Medicaid Personal Care (PCS) agency, or private duty nursing provider, a motivated physician can be a valuable ally. Do the doctors in your area understand that your services reduce the long-term cost burden for Medicare and Medicaid? Do they know that research shows patients having shorter life expectancies when their home care needs are not met? Do physicians in your area know how your agency is different from the competition? Use Brazzell Marketing Agency's home care newsletter service to educate and win over these very important referral sources.

Brazzell Marketing Agency's
Hospice Newsletter Package

Brazzell Marketing Agency will

  • Perform an initial marketing interview and analysis to determine your optimal communications strategy
  • Provide ongoing analysis and consulting
  • Research to build a mail list of the referral sources who mean the most to your home care agency
  • Update the mail list on a monthly basis
  • Research, write, and design an article for your home care agency every month
  • Articles can be completely custom-made for you or utilize material that has worked for other home care agencies
  • Designs can include custom graphics
  • BMA will maintain and use extensive libraries of home care stock photography
  • Guarantee geographic exclusivity
  • Print up to 300 color flyers
  • Print up to 300 envelopes that mimic your company envelopes
  • Mail up to 300 envelopes with first class postage

First class postage means you will get return envelopes, so BMA can research and update your list. Doctors are too important for bulk rate mail that does not return bad addresses.

First class postage on an envelope from a local business in the same industry means the envelope will not get categorized as junk mail and thrown away. Interesting, research driven articles focused on the personal goals of physicians will keep doctors looking at your home care newsletters every month.

BMA does all of this for a package price of only $599 per mailing. Contact Gary Brazzell now to get a service agreement and schedule your initial marketing interview.

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