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One physical therapy practice DOUBLED referrals from doctors using this marketing strategy.

Gary Brazzell specializes in physical therapy marketing.

Hello, I am Gary Brazzell. I am the former Business Administrator for a Medicare-certified home health agency in Virginia.  While there, I implemented an inexpensive marketing strategy that DOUBLED referrals from doctors and discharge planners after JUST THREE MONTHS. Since starting Brazzell Marketing Agency, I have had the opportunity to adapt this referral doubling strategy to various physical therapy practices and other healthcare providers. The results have been outstanding, and other providers, including physical therapy, have doubled referrals while using this marketing strategy.

I want to share the Referral Doubling Strategy with you, because you might choose to let Brazzell Marketing Agency help you implement this physical therapy marketing idea. Click here to skip the form below and proceed to the presentation. Submit the form below to receive an executive summary by mail, receive printed samples, be sent additional research about the effectiveness of the Referral Doubling Strategy, and to find out if the strategy is available in your geographic area. After subnmitting the form, you will be forwarded to the presentation page where you can learn how others have used marketing to double referrals from doctors. We will email you a couple of times to make sure you are receiving your requested materials, but submitting this form will not initiate sales calls.

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