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A-Frame Sign White
A-Frame Sign with Interchangable Prints
A-Frame Sign Black

Our A-frame signs are not only highly portable, they are easy to change according to your changing marketing needs. Our deluxe A-frames hold the prints in by tabs, making them easy to switch out. You can order one frame and as many 4mm corrugated plastic sign boards as you need. Our standard A-frames, on the other hand, use 3 mil, permanent-adhesive vinyl prints for the image. With these, you can order new adhesive prints without the A-frames, and place your new prints over the old prints.

The prints inside the signs measure 24" x 36". The frame is 45" - 46" tall and 25" - 27" wide, with the deluxe frame having the larger dimensions. Both standard and deluxe A-frames come in black or white. They weigh 18 lbs and 20 lbs respectively.

Sample Pricing: A-Frame Sign

Sample Specs: Full prints both sides
1 Deluxe A-Frame with Prints: $120
1 Standard A-Frame with Prints: $93
Plus delivery and taxes. Prices not exact.
Ordering in quantity results in a small discount.

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The Brazzell Marketing difference is full-service design & printing throughout the process. Let the graphic designers at Brazzell Marketing Agency make it easy to have A-frame signs that pop.

Easy Design: $65

Complex Design: $199

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