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Brazzell Marketing Agency prints all mouse pads on recycled materials using vegetable-based inks and solvents.

A lasting way to be helpful and memorable. Brazzell Marketing Agency prints custom mouse pads in full, vibrant color and only with premium materials and construction. Size: 8" x 10". All have rounded corners, non-slip backing, and a stain-resistant cloth cover with high-density foam construction.

Sample Pricing: Custom Mouse Pads

Quantity 10: $7.70 each
Quantity 20: $7.15 each
Quantity 50: $7.08 each
Quantity 75: $7.02 each
Quantity 100: $6.96 each
Plus delivery and taxes. Prices not exact.

Consultation, Writing, Design

No one wants a mouse pad with just your logo on it. Let Brazzell Marketing Agency design a mouse pad that customers will be happy to have on their desks - and that promotes your brand.

Custom Mouse Pad Design: $65

Note: Free sample packs usually do not include a mouse pad.

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