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Marketing Printer: Roll Labels

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Roll labels are great when you need stickers with special paper, in special shapes, and/or for faster use when you have to peel and stick repeatedly and efficiently. Use roll labels to put your awards and special accolades on your brochures and folders (for instance your current Google review count, this year's Home Care Elite, or your recent accreditation). Durable medical equipment (DME) companies like outdoor laminate options for some of their equipment such as wheelchairs.

For lower-cost, crack and peel labels, check out our low-cost stickers.

Sample Pricing: Roll Labels

Sample Specs: Shape circle | Size 1.5" diameter | Paper white BOPP | Full color | Coating clear gloss indoor laminate
Quantity 250: 43¢ each
Quantity 500: 22¢ each
Quantity 1,000: 11¢ each
Quantity 2,500: 5¢ each
Quantity 5,000: 3¢ each
Plus delivery and taxes. Prices not exact.

Get Started

Our graphic designers make it easy to have designs that pop.

Small Label Design: $65 each

Complex Label Design: $199

Roll Label Shapes

Sample starburst roll label
Rounded Rectangle
Sample rounded rectangle roll label
Roll label sample circle
Roll label sample oval
Rounded Square
Roll label sample square

Print Options

Dimensions range from 1.5" to 7"

Permanent adhesives

Customer may specify the wind position.

Wound to industry-standard 3" cores. Must unroll a few layers to access the labels.

Roll Label Paper Stock

Clear BOPP (Indoor)
White BOPP (Indoor)
White Textured (Matte)
White Vinyl (Indoor/Outdoor)

BOPP = Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (a standard label material)

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