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Full color, glossy stickers are so inexpensive they are easy to use for a variety of marketing and administrative purposes. Marketing representatives like having a supply of these to put on food and other items they leave behind at doctors' offices. A 2" x 4" sticker is a great way to turn a generic folder into a branded folder when the company is on a budget. Home medical companies use stickers to brand equipment and supplies they deliver. 1" x 3" stickers make outstanding return address labels that can feature the company logo in full color. Where would stickers make an impact for your company?

These low-cost crack and peel stickers come in various square and rectangle sizes with 90-degree or rounded corners. For special shapes such as stars and ovals, check out roll labels.

Sample Pricing: Stickers

Sample Specs: Size 2" x 3.5" (business-card size)
Quantity 250: 15¢ each
Quantity 500: 8¢ each
Quantity 1,000: 5¢ each
Quantity 2,500: 3¢ each
Quantity 5,000: 2¢ each
Plus delivery and taxes. Prices not exact.

Get Started

Let the graphic designers at Brazzell Marketing Agency make it easy to have a design that pops.

Sticker Design: $79

Complex Sticker Design: $237

Print Options

Paper: 60 lb. gloss label with UV coating

Sizes range from 1" x 3" to 8.5" x 11"

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