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Review Director

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Online reviews on websites such as Google and Facebook strongly sway clients when they are choosing services. Having an average review score that beats the competition can produce return on investment. Brazzell's Review Director helps you accomplish this.

How Review Director Works
  • Review Director is an application we install on your website. It gives people a place to give you a one-to-five-star review and leave comments.
  • When people give you good reviews, Review Director immediately invites them to share that review online.
    • The application gives them links directly to the review entry of the places that matter most to your business. This is set up individually per client but will usually include Google and Facebook.
  • If someone gives you a bad review, that person receives a message asking for more comments, but that person is not invited to share the reviews.
  • All reviews are emailed to you.
  • You also receive a manual with no-cost procedures for driving clients to your review page. The more reviews (good and bad) you get on your website, the more good reviews you will receive publicly online. The manual also includes tips for making sure bad reviews are handled personally rather than publicly.

By having a filter for your reviews, you can confidently ask every client for a review and direct the good reviews to public places such as Google and Facebook. Build the best collection of good reviews in town and get more business as a result.

One-time installation fee per website.
No recurring fees.
Let's get started.

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