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Transitional Care Management
Teaching Sheet & Home Care Marketing Materials

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Transitional Care Management Billing Guide - Order NowIn 2013 and 2014, Medicare has budgeted more than $1 billion dollars to pay doctors extra for making referrals and otherwise taking better care of patients recently discharged from the hospital or nursing home, but doctors may need your help to get started with this. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services predict that the average primary care practitioner will see a 7% raise from this. In 2013, many will increase their pay more than 7%, but most will earn less. Most doctors are not sure how exactly to bill Medicare for this additional revenue. You can be the one to give your local referral sources the teaching materials that will (1) encourage more referrals to your services, (2) help your referral sources get paid for the work they do with you, and (3) earn the appreciation of referral sources.

Medicare is now allowing doctors to bill two new CPT codes for Transitional Care Management:

CPT 99495

CPT 99496

These codes will pay a very tempting, increased rate for a single office visit plus the non-face-to-face services many patients need after hospitalization (e.g. referrals to home health, consideration for ADL support and non-medical home care, referrals for home medical equipment, working with the home infusion company, referrals to physical therapy, etc.). In some cases, doctors will be grateful for more fair reimbursement for work they are already doing. However, Medicare is betting that in many more cases doctors will have new incentive to see patients soon after hospital discharge and to specifically evaluate patients' at-home needs. Your referral sources need help with these questions:

Transitional Care Management Billing Tips How much does Transitional Care Management pay in my city or state?
Transitional Care Management Billing Tips Which doctors and non-physician practitioners can bill Transitional Care Management?
Transitional Care Management Billing Tips What are the minimum service requirements for Transitional Care Management?
Transitional Care Management Billing Tips What are the documentation requirements?
Transitional Care Management Billing Tips What exceptions to the rules exist?

Brandable TCM Teaching Sheet

Order our TCM billing teaching sheet that you can use in your referral-source marketing efforts. This document will be excellent for your reps to take to doctors' offices, to mail to your current and prospective referral sources, and to use as stuffers for other mail you send to referral sources.

  • Transitional Care Management Billing Guide - Order NowThe TCM Teaching Sheet answers all the questions shown above and more - in an easy to access format.
  • It is a 2-page document packed full of helpful information plus 3 more pages of payment rates for each area of the country.
  • We will send a PDF document ready for easy printing. We will also send you an editable word processing document so you can add your logo and branding information to the top of each page as well as edit any of the content of the TCM teaching sheet as you see fit. If you do not already have on your computer software that can edit the document, we'll show where to download excellent free software that can edit the TCM teaching sheet.
  • Plus - as a very important bonus - we will send you all edits, improvements, and NEW TCM teaching materials we develop for one year after your purchase. Medicare is hinting that there may be multiple upcoming revisions plus new TCM codes with new rules. This will give you an excellent reason to repeatedly visit doctors with valuable information.
  • Order Form: Transitional Care Management Teaching Sheet and Marketing MaterialsClick Here to Download the Order Form


Time is of the Essence

Your referral sources want this information as soon as possible. Be the first one to give them the most comprehensive, easy-to-understand help on this subject.

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