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Physical Therapy Brochures

The way you practice physical therapy is not generic. Why would you even consider generic physical therapy brochures to describe your practice?

Perhaps you are under the impression that generic physical therapy brochures will save you money. But did you know that Brazzell Marketing Agency can custom develop your physical therapy brochures for as little as 15ยข each (including consultation, research, writing, design, printing, and shipping)?

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Why we believe in the custom-design approach

  • Memorable, impressive businesses use branding. This means consistent use of logos, color schemes, font schemes, and graphic elements. Only custom-designed physical therapy brochures will effectively support your branding 100% of the time.
  • Effective marketing strategies use positioning. Only custom-designed physical therapy brochures can weave your positioning strategy into the text and graphics.
  • You should promote the topics that will most effectively market your unique physical therapy practice in your unique market. Physical therapists should not limit their brochures to the same general topics that everyone else is promoting. Physical therapists should not be limited to describing their services in a broad generic fashion that could describe any practice across the country.
  • We are a marketing agency, and we understand the value of strategic messaging when the time is right. In experienced, qualified hands (a.k.a. with Brazzell Marketing Agency), crafting your custom-designed physical therapy brochures can often cost less than template, generic physical therapy brochure services. This is especially true when you take into account our high-quality, low-cost printing solution.

We make it easy to have
great physical therapy brochures.
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Our Physical Therapy Brochure Design Process:

  1. We answer any questions you may have by phone or email.
  2. When ready, you complete an order form specifying the number of designs you would like for starters. Secure, Online, Order Form
  3. You have a telephone consultation with an experienced physical therapy marketing professional. We discuss your goals for the pieces being developed and strategize about what will work well for your unique physical therapy practice.
  4. BMA does all the work of researching, writing, and desiging your physical therapy brochures. We send you proofs and edit until the brochures meet your satisfaction. This usually only takes one round of editing, becuase we do step three very well.
  5. We take your print order as a separate order by email and/or send you print-quality files.

When it comes to physical therapy brochures, no one can help you like Brazzell Marketing Agency. Others will need you to spoon feed them information about how you help your patients. Brazzell Marketing Agency specializes in physical therapy marketing and has multiple physical therapy marketing clients. Our expertise in physical therapy marketing enables us to actually participate in the creative process, write your physical therapy brochure from scratch, and use our extensive inventory of healthcare photography to make your brochure visually engaging.

While you are welcome to request a physical therapy brochure design based on something you've seen before, these physical therapy brochure samples are not brochure templates. When BMA designs your physical therapy brochure, we consider your marketing goals, your logo, your agency branding, and the photography that will fit your brochure. Then we combine these elements in a unique way where text blends with image, and the entire presentation supports your physical therapy practice's unique brand. Learn more: Physical Therapy Brochures