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Business card printing can be used to promote patient loyalty, promote employee morale, make strong first impressions, and make portable, inexpensive mini-brochures. Well established businesses often forget about the power of the tiny business card. Even with full color and brochure-quality printing, these 2 inch marketing tools cost less than 4 cents each.  But don't let their low cost lead you to underestimate usefulness of business card printing in health care marketing.  Read below to see how some savvy health care providers are using business cards as part of their marketing mix. 
Home Health & Hospice Business Cards

Good Impressions

As with every other material thing associated with your business, potential patients and referral sources instantly draw conclusions about your business when they see your business card. A business card with a stunning design and excellent printing hints that the quality of care matches the quality of the promotional material. A substandard business card carries the opposite message. BMA can design stunning business cards for a small one-time fee. See pricing on the Design Order Form. Fax back the design order form and call with instructions to get your project started.

In addition to making good impressions, business cards make more memorable impressions. If you are talking to someone about your agency or practice, they hear you say the company name, but it's easy to forget. Show that person your business card and they see your logo, your slogan, your name in print, your company colors, and your company fonts (i.e. your branding). Adding the visual impression makes your company more memorable and increases the likelihood that your audience will remember the company name when the time comes.
Employee Morale

At every company, only the important personnel receive business cards. A package of business cards serves as a tangible way to say, "You are important to us. You matter." Can you remember the first job where you received business cards? Investing in business cards for an employee also puts an important expectation on that person. Present the box of business cards saying "Hand out your business cards everywhere you go. Don't be stingy with them. They don't do us any good in the box. Let me know when you get down to about 100, so we can order more." While telling your employee that you value him or her, you are also communicating an expectation that your important employees promote the company in your community.

Patient Loyalty

How many of your patients can remember the name of a nurse or therapist, but cannot remember the name of the agency? It's common, and it can make you miss some new episodes that should have been yours. Assigning business cards for nurses and therapists to give to their patients can help. Patients who want the same nurse or therapist in the future will keep these business cards and use them to make their choice known when the time comes.

Along the same lines, many agencies use business card printing to create LOYALTY CARDS. Loyalty cards can be helpful in sign-up packages, at health fairs, and in other direct-to-patient marketing opportunities. Design loyalty cards with company information on the front and possibly the back.

On the back, make a statement such as "I choose Brazzell Health Care as my home health provider." Make a line where your patient can sign and date. It's nice to print loyalty cards with rounded corners. It costs a little more, but it helps differentiate the card as something special. It also helps to print them with a glossy, coated front for durability but with an uncoated back to help prevent smudging of the signatures.

Loyalty Card Front
Home Health Loyalty Card - Front
Loyalty Card Back
Home Health Care Loyalty Cards
Folded Business Cards for
Mini-Brochures and Blood Pressure Cards

When designing your company business card, there's no reason to limit yourself to just printing contact information. Just like you have a general brochure to list your company's services and your unique selling points, you can use the back of your card to present helpful marketing information about your company (e.g. accreditation, services, accolades, your philosophy). Adding black and white printing to the back of a card, usually only increases the price by less than one-half of one cent per card or $4 per 1,000. If you want to take maximum advantage of the business card impression, you can print and ship 1,000 folded business cards for about 8 cents each. Tent business cards are 4" tall instead of the normal 2" tall, but they fold in the middle so the folded size is a normal business card size.

Appointment Card / Business Card Front
Physical Therapy Appointment Cards
Appointment Card Back
Physical Therapy Appointment Cards

Appointment Cards

Physical therapy and other health care providers usually hand out a lot of appointment cards. Your appointment cards are a great chance to make another good impression on your patients. Your appointment cards should not be generic. They should have your logo, your colors, your fonts, and persuasive information about your practice. In other words, they should support your branding.
Make It Happen

Interested in using business cards to gain one or more of these advantages? Here's what to do.

Multi-Order Discount!: When ordering 500 business cards or more for two or more people, get a $5 discount off the second and each subsequent order. Each person has to get 500 business cards or more. Place an order with one of our associates to get the discount.

Great Prices on Full Color Printing: Most Brazzell Marketing Agency clients order full color, high quality business cards for less than 4 cents each. Explore your business card printing options and prices here: Business Card Printing. Or call (866) 272-3799 to get quotes from a Brazzell Marketing Agency associate.