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Health Fair Display Retractable Banner Stand

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Convention Display
for Health Fairs and More

Retractable banner stands are the new favorite for convention displays, health fairs, in-office displays, and other pop-up signage. Banner stands are attractive, versatile, easy to transport, and very affordable

  • Size: 33.5" x 78.7"
  • One-sided or two-sided
  • Banner stand comes with a black, padded, canvas carrying case and printed instructions
  • Silver-colored, smooth, aluminum construction
  • Package arrives with your banner installed in the stand. If you should need a new banner in the future, but not a new stand, you can order banners without the stand and replace the banners yourself with two-sided tape, scissors, and a screwdriver. The original banner cannot be put back in, but replacement banners are interchangable.
  • Choose a premium version with no feet on the base or save money with the economy version that has small feet on the base.

Low Cost

  • Design Fee: $199 per banner
  • One-sided banner stand without feet: $72 (plus shipping & taxes)
    Sample price as of 7/28/2022, subject to change. Contact us for current pricing.

Retractable Banner Stand Printing