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Marketing Brochure Printer

Marketing Brochure Printer

Unfold New Possibilities in Marketing

"Do you have a brochure?" Company representatives hear this repeatedly. The last thing you want to say is "no." The next worse scenario is handing out a marketing brochure that demonstrates lower competency than your competition. With Brazzell Marketing Agency, you have access to the highest quality brochure printing technology in the world plus true marketing expertise to help with your strategy, messaging, and design.

Sample Brochure Pricing

Sample Specs: Size 8.5" x 11" | Paper 100lb gloss book | Full color both sides | Trifold
Quantity 250: 46¢ each
Quantity 500: 33¢ each
Quantity 1,000: 20¢ each
Quantity 2,500: 12¢ each
Quantity 5,000: 8¢ each
Plus delivery and taxes. Prices not exact.
All brochures are full color on both sides and ship folded.

Consultation, Writing, Design

Multiple practices and agencies have doubled their intake of new patients after only a few months of advertising with Brazzell Marketing Agency. Put that same expertise to work for your business when designing your marketing brochures. Marketing brochures make impressions that are too important for second-best approaches. Learn more about Brazzell Marketing Agency's brochure consultation, writing, design, and pricing options.
Marketing Brochure Printer Tips

Tips for Printing Marketing Brochures

Quality Standard: The brochure you see most often and the quality standard is the 8.5" x 11" trifold printed on 100lb gloss book paper. Its frequent use makes it one of the least expensive brochures to print. Plus, it fits in standard envelopes, and brochure racks are made for this standard-sized brochure.

Half-Cost Brochure Alternative: Need to save money? Consider the rack card when thinking about brochures. This 4" x 9", front-and-back card is not a brochure, because it does not fold. However, design fees and printing fees are roughly half that of standard brochures. The card stock has a nice heft which conveys importance and adds durability. What's more, rack cards compete well in brochure racks as they stand half an inch taller and sit half an inch wider than standard marketing brochures.

Brochures that Stand Out: First, have great design and content. Second, use printing options to make your brochures more impressive than the competitions'. Upgrade from standard paper (100 lb. gloss book) to card stock (100 lb. gloss cover). The added weight and durability of cover stock connotes importance and reliability. You can also upgrade in size. The most impressive brochure that still fits in standard brochure racks is the 9" x 16", folded as a double parallel reverse fold (see below), and printed on cover stock (aka card stock). When folded, this brochure is the size of a rack card - wider and taller than the standard brochure. As customers unfold this marketing brochure, they are first greeted by a 2-panel spread, which we can use to make an impressive, graphically-rich presentation of your sales strengths. When customers unfold this again, they see four panels of your sales information.

Show How Much You Care: If caring is part of your message, definitely consider printing on recycled card stock. It has a soft look and textured feel that communicates warmth. Let us know during consultation if you would like to do this, and we'll incorporate recycling symbols and vegetable-based ink symbols into your design. You can tangibly demonstrate how much your company cares from the first impression!

Brochure Sizes

8.5" x 11"
6" x 9"
7" x 14"
8.5" x 14"
9" x 12"
9" x 16"
11" x 17"
11" X 25.5"
12" X 18"

Brochure Quantities

Minimum brochure quantity: 100
Then 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000
Then increasing in increments of 5,000

Brochure Paper Stock

100 lb Gloss Book (the quality standard)
100 lb Gloss Cover
100 lb Recycled Matte Cover
80 lb Gloss Book
80 lb Recycled Matte Text
70 lb Opaque Smooth White

Folding Options for Marketing Brochures

Trifold Marketing Brochure Printer
Z Fold
Z-Fold Marketing Brochure Printer
Half Fold
Half Fold Marketing Brochure Printer
Roll Fold
(4 Panel)
Roll Fold Marketing Brochure Printer
Single Open
Single Open Gate Fold Brochure
Double Parallel
Marketing Brochure Printer with Double Parallel Folds
(4 Panel)
Marketing Brochure with Accordian Fold 4 Panel
Double Parallel Reverse Fold
Marketing Brochure with a Double Parallel Reverse Fold
Closed Gate
Closed Gate Fold Brochure
Half Fold
then Half Fold
Marketing Brochure Fold: Half Then Half
Half then Tri
Marketing Brochure Fold: Half Fold <br>
then Tri Fold

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