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Multiple healthcare providers across the country have doubled their intake of new patients after only a few months of advertising with Brazzell Marketing Agency. Put decades of marketing experience to work for your business. We deliver positive return on investment for many business types. Brazzell specializes in healthcare marketing, especially outpatient and community-based health care including home care, physical therapy, home health, and hospice. What marketing strategies will work best for your business depends on provider type, census, local regulations, and other variables. Call Brazzell Marketing Agency now for a quick consultation to identify and outline the specific marketing campaigns that would do the most for your unique agency or practice.

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Our fastest strategy for getting new clients to call. Get on the first page of Google in 24 hours (guaranteed). We find thousands of people per month who are searching for your services and lead them to you. Are you ready for calls and emails from new clients?
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Call Brazzell Marketing Agency to have a conversation with a professional who manages the kind of marketing project or campaign you are considering. We do not ask owners, administrators, or marketing managers to work with customer service agents. We will direct your call to a knowledgeable professional who actually performs the work in question. With a short conversation, we can often identify the type of campaign that would best accomplish your marketing goals for your unique agency or practice, discuss budget, and point out the path forward.

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Home Health Marketing Strategy Facebook. Email Newsletters. Blogging. All done for you while you stay in complete control. Prices start at $19.99 per month.

Effective Marketing Strategies

How to succeed with physical therapy marketing and home health marketing: Do you constantly struggle for attention and credibility with referral sources? Do you suspect that there are ways to make your current marketing investments much more effective? Effective home health and physical therapy marketing strategies consider target audience, message, medium, distribution, frequency, cost per impression, and RETURN ON INVESTMENT. We focus on the business of marketing and use art and strategy to achieve the best possible return on investment for you.

A Message to Small Companies and Do-It-Yourself Managers

Your time is money, and so is the time of your employees. Avoid having employees work on your marketing while on the clock and then budgeting as if no cost was associated with the effort. Avoid categorizing paper, toner, postage, etc. as office supply expense when they are actually used for marketing. Know your true marketing budget so you can better consider how to invest that budget. More importantly, know your average gross profit per patient, so you can understand why competitors budget hundreds of marketing dollars per new patient, and so you can be prepared to compete. Consider what it is that you do for your own agency or practice to provide the most value. Do homegrown marketing efforts distract you from the most important work you do for your company? Call Brazzell Marketing Agency to improve the caliber and effectiveness of your communications efforts and to let you focus on your primary work.
Home Health Marketing Strategy

Referral Doubling Strategy

With years of consistent success, one marketing strategy has doubled referrals for home health and physical therapy repeatedly. Learn how. FREE.
Facebook Home Health Marketing Idea

Facebook Target Marketing

Whether you run a private duty home care that would do well to advertise directly to older people in affluent neighborhoods or you are a referral-based healthcare provider with a message to get out to doctors, Facebook Target Marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach targeted audiences with high-impact messages. Brazzell Marketing Agency helps clients create the right message and deliver it to the right audience at the right price.

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Home Health Marketing Ideas.

Looking for more home health care marketing ideas or more physical therapy marketing ideas? Explore our Popular Services section to see how physical therapy practices, home care agencies, home health agencies, hospice agencies, and other healthcare providers have used different marketing strategies to good effect. Subscribe to our email newsletter to receive physical therapy marketing ideas, physical therapy marketing ideas, marketing essentials, and news. Contact us now for individual advice on the types of strategies and campaigns that would best advance your current marketing objectives for your unique home care agency, physical therapy practice, or other type of business. Call now: 866.272.3799.
Audio Target Marketing: Highly Targeted Healthcare advertising over combined internet radio and podcast outlets such as Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Cloud 10, and more

Audio Target Marketing SM

Highly targeted healthcare marketing over combined internet radio outlets such as Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, ESPN, and much more. Leverage the warmth and persuasiveness of the human voice to promote your brand with the best audiences for home care marketing, physical therapy marketing, hospice marketing, and more. The size of the combined Audio Target Marketing audience rivals Facebook, and, for home care marketing, the targeting is better than Facebook's. Deliver 30-second commercials with voice, music, and graphic design for pennies per ad play.

Home Care Brochures, Home Health Brochures, Physical Therapy Brochures

Brochures for Home Care, Home Health, Physical Therapy, & More!

Choose from pre-designed templates with text included for easiest, the lowest-cost, highest-quality brochure and rack card options. Or, take the marketing agency approach and order a consultation, from which we write and design a custom brochure for your agency or practice. Current templates include:
  • Home Care Marketing Brochures
  • Home Health Marketing Brochures
  • Physical Therapy Marketing Brochures
Printing company for home care marketing

Other Printed Marketing

See our many featured print projects for home care marketing and other health care marketing.
And many other projects popular in home health, physical therapy, hospice, and home care marketing.

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