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Physical Therapy Marketing Strategies

With decades of healthcare marketing experience, Brazzell Marketing Agency has used core marketing strategies to double referrals for multiple providers including outpatient physical therapy. We help physical therapy practices implement many different marketing projects. Call now for a quick consultation about the specific types of marketing campaigns that would work for your unique physical therapy practice: 866.272.3799

For a concise overview, this page links to the top physical therapy marketing strategies. If you are looking for a grouping of marketing services geared for another provider type, check out our home page. Physical therapy marketing falls in to two broad categories: referral-source marketing and direct-access marketing. Depending on the applicable state laws and other variables, outpatient physical therapy practices range from 90% referral based to 90% direct access. We have developed a collection of the most cost-effective and proven physical therapy marketing strategies for each category. For your convenience, almost all prices can be found online.

Physical Therapy Marketing to Doctors for Referrals

Referral Doubling Strategy

Multiple referral-based healthcare providers, including outpatient physical therapy, have used this marketing strategy to double referrals from doctors after as little as three months. Learn how. FREE. No obligation. Download the how-to-and-why presentation. The Referral Doubling Strategy is core referral-based marketing and strongly recommended for every established physical therapy practice already receiving six or more referrals per month.

How Physical Therapy Can Advertise to Doctors

Facebook Referral Source Marketing

Using the highly detailed targeting capabilities in Facebook's advertising platform, Brazzell Marketing Agency develops ad campaigns that display only to the right types of doctors and their staff - all in your service area. For costs hovering around two pennies per ad view (all inclusive), you can have the referral sources in your area seeing your practice online multiple times per week!

Physical Therapy Patient Newsletters

Patient Newsletters

Your past physical therapy patients prove to be the group of people most likely to be your future patients. Mailing quarterly patient newsletters helps to remind and nudge your patients to increase repeat business. Newsletters should also be used to help your patients be better advocates for your practice in the community. Brazzell Marketing Agency develops physical therapy newsletters from the ground up, prints them, and bulk mails them - providing you with an affordable, turnkey solution.

Audio Target Marketing: Highly Targeted Healthcare advertising over combined internet radio and podcast outlets such as Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Cloud 10, and more

Audio Target Marketing SM

Highly targeted physical therapy advertising over combined internet radio outlets such as Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, ESPN, and much more. Leverage the strength and persuasiveness of the human voice to promote your brand with the best audiences for physical therapy marketing. The size of the combined Audio Target Marketing audience rivals Facebook and presents important advantages compared to putting all your advertising dollars in social media.

Physical Therapy Marketing's Search Results Now

Search Results Now

In most cities and towns, every month, tens of thousands of people are searching for physical therapies online. Brazzell's Search Results Now program does not work like SEO. Search Results Now puts your physical therapy practice at the top of targeted search results literally overnight. Your search ads can win your fair share of the direct-access patients near you.

Home Health Advertising with Email Newsletters, Blogging, and Facebook

All Points Bulletin

Today's digital world makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with your fan base, and the All Points Bulletin makes it easier still. This physical therapy marketing program automatically handles your Facebook posts, email newsletters, blogging, Facebook advertising, other social media advertising, and more. Everything happens automatically, while you stay notified and in complete control. Try the All Points Bulletin for only $19.99 per month!

The most cost-effective physical therapy advertising

Facebook Target Marketing

When it comes to advertising physical therapy to the general public, the Facebook platform ranks as one of your best options. Tap an audience bigger than any TV channel can give you. Amazing targeting parameters including age, gender, precise location, and even online behavior let you focus on your core audience without advertising dollars wasted on audiences that don't matter to you. Serve ads for as little as 2 cents per ad view - all inclusive!

Physical Therapy Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Brazzell's Search Engine Optimization gets physical therapy practices on the top of organic (free) search results for multiple keywords and keeps them there. We cut out all the marginally effective strategies included in so many other packages and boiled SEO down to just the parts that achieve maximum cost-effectiveness.

Free Physical Therapy Website

Free Physical Therapy Website

Purchase Brazzell's annual hosting and domain service and get a physical therapy website for FREE. Go to the order form to see your design options. We will customize your chosen design with your contact information, logo, business name, and branding colors. The package includes company email addresses, software for editing the website yourself, and everything you need for a professional online presence. Also consider a custom-designed, physical therapy website.

Getting Started

Brazzell Marketing Agency offers efficient physical therapy marketing management for you. Start with a call or email to identify and outline the physical therapy marketing campaigns best for your practice. Complete the order forms for the PT advertising campaigns you want to launch. For most physical therapy marketing strategies, we will schedule a telephone consultation, collaborate on your projects, and develop a winning plan. Then, Brazzell Marketing Agency will use strategy, branding, and advertising to help grow your physical therapy practice.

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