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Home Care Marketing

Brazzell Marketing Agency can help in many ways. Below, we list the top home care marketing strategies in order of importance. Because we want your strategic marketing planning to be easy, most costs are displayed either on the main page descriptions or on the order forms. This page applies to non-medical home care marketing. If you are interested in a directory of marketing services for another provider type, be sure to check out our home page.

Good news. Home care advertising is easy - even for new agencies. You start with your basic promotional material such as business cards, brochures, and website. Then you invest in pull advertising, such as Search Results Now, so people who are looking for home care can find you. Finally, you invest in push advertising, such as Facebook Target Marketing, to build a positive reputation in your neighborhoods. So let's use marketing to get more home care clients!

Home Care Marketing's Search Results Now

Search Results Now

Offers faster return on investment than any other home care advertising. Recommended for 100% of home care agencies, and the first advertising we recommend for new agencies. Search Results Now pays Google and other search websites when they direct people shopping for home care to your website. Because we are paying Google and the rest, you get on the top of search results overnight.

Home Care Advertising with Email Newsletters, Blogging, and Facebook

All Points Bulletin

Stay in touch with people interested in home care better and easier. This home care marketing service automatically handles your Facebook posting, email newsletters, blogging, Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, and more. Every thing works without you lifting a finger, but you stay in complete control. Starts at an amazingly low price.

Facebook Private Duty Home Care Advertising

Facebook Millionaire Marketing

Use this home care marketing strategy to increase your success in getting private-duty home care cases. Through the Facebook advertising platform, we can target ads specifically to the female multimillionaires, age 45+, closest to your office. No wasting your advertising dollars on people who can't afford private duty or who are too young to care about home care. Brazzell Marketing Agency will modify the targeting according to your individual consultation.

Home Care Advertising on Facebook for Medicaid Cases

Facebook Medicaid Marketing

If getting more Medicaid home care clients is your goal, we can use the Facebook advertising platform to target your ads by neighborhood, income, home ownership details, and much more. Brazzell Marketing Agency can define an audience of likely Medicaid recipients and get them interested in Medicaid-funded home care through your agency.

Home Care Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Get on the top of Google's organic/free search results and stay there. Our SEO service is low-cost and effective.

Getting Started

With Brazzell Marketing Agency, marketing projects are easy. Call or email to ask any questions. Print the order form(s) that interest you. Complete and return them. In most cases, we will schedule a telephone consultation to discuss your project and develop a winning strategy. Then, Brazzell Marketing Agency does the work that uses marketing strategy, branding, and advertising to grow your home care agency.

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